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I Don't Know
  • Sam: Your name is Dean Winchester. I'm Sam, your brother. Mary Winchester is your mom. And Cas is your best friend.
  • Dean: My name is Dean Winchester. Sam is my brother. Mary Winchester is my mom. Cas— Cas is my boyfriend.
  • Sam: Good Dean! That's go— wait...? What? No! Cas is your best friend!
  • Dean: Are... Are you sure about that?
  • Sam: I... I think so...
  • Dean: ....
  • Sam: ....

Me: there’s no plot twist or death that can shake me to my core anymore

Me, reading a Cassandra Clare book:


Just a simple set of cutiepies. My gif maker has a crappy day,but I hope you’ll like it anyways.Love you guys.

Those smiles. AHHG.

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Herondales have sex in caves, Blackthorns have sex in every book.