angel of gluten

Today I found a new place in LA. A new dedicated GF place. A new place I can order anything off of the menu without special requests and making sure of things a dozen times.

A big pretty Everything bagel with a ton of lox and cream cheese with a view in the sun.

The staff was adorable. Checking on us every five minutes or so. Walked me through the menu. Answered all of my questions about where things are sourced from with ease.

Even gave me a taste of their in house dark chocolate sea salt ice cream with brownie chunks.

It’s nice to feel normal sometimes.

Lately, all I want to do is wear overalls and pick apples and hang out with animals and my (imaginary) husband and kids on our (imaginary) farm. I’ve been craving land and ocean and unpolluted skies and quiet more than anything else. I want to hear the wind in the grass along the side of the road, the air touching the leaves and moving along the surface of the water. More than all the zing of this sweet and wild city I live in—with hundreds of movie theaters and the best restaurants at my fingertips—I just want quiet.

More on that when we explore Idaho next week, but suffice to say I am truly a country girl at heart. I grew up on ranch land and vineyards, and that first, elemental imprint of environment is calling me—hard.

This weekend was my friend Chad’s and my second annual apple picking(/*ahem* fall photoshoot) journey to Yucaipa, a town nestled in the San Bernadino mountains east of LA. And contrary to popular belief about SoCal and its lack of seasons, it has plenty of moody color and weather to offer.

Read more and get the recipe here!


What is gluten?

Some people can’t eat gluten for medical reasons, but a lot of people in Los Angeles don’t eat gluten because someone in their yoga class told them not to. Jimmy Kimmel wondered how many of these people even know what gluten is, so we sent a camera crew out to a popular exercise spot here in LA and asked people who are gluten-free a simple question: “What is gluten?"