angel mist

Mor, to Az: “My diary? You read my diary? That is not okay! A diary is like a person’s most private place! You don’t even know what I was writing about! ‘Hunk’ can mean a lot of things, bad things. And, and when it says that your eyes are ‘penetrating’, I meant to write 'bulging’. And 'A’ doesn’t even stand for 'Azriel’ for that matter, it stands for…'Achmed’, a charming foreign exchange student, so that whole fantasy part has nothing to even do with you at all…”

Fear drives those you care about to do somewhat stupid but meaningful things.

I absolutely think and hold firm to the idea althat Angels and Demons have their own way of using their wings and tails in body language - animalistic in origin or not (though I’d like to think there’s dignity and subtleties to it). After all, if it’s a part of your body, you use it.

We use body language on a daily basis, so why can’t they?

Also, I am dabbling with the idea of adding alternate forms for these two. Kind of like in Supernatural, where Demons are mist and angel’s forms are… unknown. Sorta.

Through the pain and panic, Mark could not recognize the figure before him. He couldn’t remember or think of anything but falling… rocketing to the ground as the wings that once held him aloft and mighty in the sky failed him for the very first time.

Jack tried to keep his temper in check. The strain of worry he felt for Mark and the hours of sleep lost to stay beside his friend were taking their toll as the tension mounted in the air.

But perhaps, Jack reasons, the only way to calm hi down would be to act instinctive as well.

A dominance display could work.

Jack flares his wings out, lashes his tail and screeches at the top of his lungs. He only prayed he didn’t hurt Mark worse than what had already been done.

His teeth start to stretch into fangs, extra horns sprout from his head like quills, and his eyes turn a deep, blood red. Jack quivers and flexes his wings so they stretch high and wide over Mark’s head. They say plainly: I am in charge. I am the Boss.

Mark covers behind his good wing, looking down and away. Instantly, Jack is consumed with regret.

Reaching for his Angel, he pulls the other close, holding him securely in his arms and wing.

“It’ll be alright. I’ve got you.”

Angels Lost to Memory

Angels departing
angels ascending
angels promising
angels pretending

Angels of the silences
angels sorely missed
angels lost to memory
angels in the mist

Angels of mercy
angels calling
angels of love
angels falling

Angels in the morning sun
angels painted grey
angels never stick around
angels I need you today 

An eclectic collection of memories, friends, loved ones, and other angels who couldn’t stay forever, and for every angel (friend or loved one) who is with us today.  I’m grateful!  Yes there’s also A Counting Crows Song Title in there, as well as references to a dear friend and Tumblr Daughter Number One. Love you all, Mike! 


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