angel maka

I don’t know when I did this drawing of angel Maka but I found it today and decided to…try to colored it

I want to write the fanfic about her and mage Soul, I’ve have the story in my head for months, but I think I can’t do it u_u
well I still can draw her, I love her hair ♥


acomaf + the high lord of the summer court for @queenofraccoons

“Tell me what that look means,” Tarquin said, bracing his muscled arms on the gold tablecloth. I said baldly, “I’m thinking it would be very easy to love you. And easier to call you my friend.” He smiled at me—broad and without restraint. “I would not object to either.”

Railroad Angel

This is my first fanfic in english!! omg I’m so happy haha

I couldn’t have done it without the help of my translation squad, thank you @leslietendo and @makaokun, you’re the best  ♥

and you can read it in english and spanish in my account

Hope you like it!!

How was it possible that such a small person could get so much attention on herself?

It was out of his understanding.

Everyday, around 5 PM, Soul would go home by train from the studio he used to rehearse with his band. For him, that journey was a relief from all of his daily worries, the train wasn’t packed and he could rest while listening to some music and watch through the window without thinking about anything in particular.

Well, at least that’s how it was until two months ago.

The first day he saw her, she was running hurriedly and almost tripped when got into the wagon, making Soul alarm for the commotion and focused his attention on her immediately.

Any person would come back to their own business after making sure she hadn’t fallen, but he just couldn’t take his eyes off from her. That was something unusual for Soul, who was more withdrawn and careless about unknown people, much less when Miles Davis was playing in his headphones. He didn’t know if it was her pigtails that waved gracefully everytime she took a step what caught his eye or that huge book that she started reading, which could easily take up half of her backpack. The reason could also be that she had very beautiful and deep green eyes, or simply that she had a naive and joyful aura that was easy to notice.

He had never seen someone like that.

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Day 8

Idk if this is only supposed to be canon couples, but that would be boring so prepare for many ships to be set sale

Soma. They might not be cannon but they basically are. If soul eater were to ever come back with a new season and do a time skip, my dreams would literally come true. If only.

Hinata and Yui. They literally kill each other every time they are in each others vicinity, and yet they work so well. That one scene man. It gets me every time.

Korrasami. They’re just too cute.

Edwin. Both so stubborn, and so in lurve.

Okabe and Kurisu. Stubborn nerds who don’t want to admit they’re in love.

Unpopular opinion but look how many fucks I give. There was so much similarity between Sakura and Kushina, and you can’t tell me that kishimoto didn’t hint at sakura starting to feel the feels for naruto during the war. Also hinata is literally the most irrelevant thing ever.

“Fluffy, cute wings, he thinks, aren’t befitting of someone like her. She is no flowery pixie, no floaty angel of only pretty words and soft sighs. She is life; she is the darkness of his nights tucked against him, she’s the light at the end of the tunnel, she’s her temper and her smile and her laugh, high and fluttering. No, she deserves wings that can carry her. Wings with strong, dark outlines and prominent boning. Damn cool wings.”

Something I came up with for @soulxmakaweek day 4…

Inspired by @makapedia‘s guardian angel AU that is also for soma week!

I have the syndrome of “I’m writing -insert number of fanfics (2 in my case)- but… what if I start a new one?

because I cannot get out of my head an AU fanfic with Mage!Soul and Angel!Maka so I had to sketch them to calm down

and I love their hairstyles, are like an asymmetric Kid’s nightmare, specially Soul xD

titangem2162  asked:

Since you drew Maka as an Angel, could you draw Maka and Soul together with Maka as the Angel and Soul as the demon? I think it would be cute as hell. Pun intended. Understand if you can't

A really quick one *3*!~

Don’t worry, I love to draw them as a demon and an angel :’D!

I hope this is cute as heaven for you uwu <3 haha xD bad jk :’v it sounded better as hell (?



My top 10 anime female characters
#1 Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach
#2 Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan
#3 Maka Albarn from Soul Eater
#4 Soi Fon from Bleach
#5 Sinon from Sword Art Online
#6 Yuri Nakamura from Angel Beats
#7 Nao Tomori from Charlotte
#8 Yoruichi Shihōin from Bleach
#9 Tenten from Naruto
#10 Temari from Naruto

one of the things i love about soul and maka is that soul looks so menacing with his red eyes and sharp teeth and that dumb glare he shoots at everyone but maka’s the one you gotta worry about. soul’s a big puppy but maka will destroy you with one look.