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Fic: Angels or Devils

A Chris Evans Oneshot

Summary: The aftermath of Chris and Natalia being outed to the world. Some fans are unkind towards Natalia. This is how she reacts to that.

Dedicated to @heather-lynn and the lovely anon from today that asked when I was going to update. I change my soon-ish answer to RIGHT NOW, BOO! Thanks, beauties. <3

Warnings: angst, language

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Alanis Morissette blared out from the earbuds and into Natalia’s ears, feeding into her angst mood during her jog; the emotional lyrics were speaking directly to her distressed mind and heart. The patent chill in the mid-March air created frost on the lined up trees and bushes, as well as a few patches of icy spots, but none of it interfered with her lengthy route. Neither did the melting banks of snow that she had to consistently cut around before crossing the street.

She was too preoccupied to pay any attention to it.

A daily run through the city had been Nat’s most effective strategy to manage her stress and anxiety. She was pretty strict when it came to keeping up with it. Every morning, rain or shine, her alarm went off at an early hour, and without fail, she climbed herself out of bed and began the pre-workout stretches. As soon as her socked feet would be tucked inside her running sneakers, she would already feel a sense of control, and anything that would be currently nagging inside her brain would vanish.

Except for this morning.

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