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angryscientist said: Kyrumption and Moira are just two equals, not DESTINED IN THE STARS, I really didn’t see it any other way, textually. C/A always were a friends fell in love thing, they did enough for each other to prove it…

Forgot to reply to this yesterday.

Yes, this, exactly. I will never get anti-C/A fandom’s obsession with those two words (I don’t necessarily mean you wasonginmyheart , just in general). Personally I always read them as meaning kyrumption= deep connection and moira= chemistry, at least in a way. I just think both Fred and Lorne are trying to express those ideas to Angel. I also don’t mind that they do so. Angel is an emotional idiot, he needs to be told by an outside party what his relationship with Cordy is really like because he’s not really likely to come to a realization without someone else pointing it out to him.

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<3 and also cordelia fred gunn wesley angel for the meme


1. Angel (always and forever)

2. Cordelia Chase

3. Charles Gunn

4. Fred Burkle

5. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (ugh go away with your unapologetic kidnappings and your passive-aggressiveness)

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Right. That’s confusing. I always got the feeling that Angel and Buffy had a more believable banter before Angel (the episode).. but very unsubstantial. And afterwards, it was ridiculous. Like Fredless summed them up perfectly. That’s all they did…

I haven’t watched those episodes in a few years so I can’t really say anything about the quality of their banter. I do actually like the bedroom scene. It shows that Angel has a history and agenda all his own. TBH I like Angel in BtVS when he is interacting with characters other than Buffy. It sucks that he didn’t get to do that much, espececially once B/A because established as a couple.

Another issue with that couple, in Halloween, they are supposed to have their first date, Buffy sees Angel enjoying Cordelia’s company, leaves in a huff, Angel stays with Cordelia (I don’t think we get any indication that she’s lying in the bathroom scene), all that dress mix ups happen, and then at the end of the episode Angel and Buffy make out in Buffy’s room. It’s weird. They are supposed to be still starting the relationship yet at the end they’re all full on making out like a couple. Odd.

I actually have issues with that scene in Fredless because it isn’t perfectly accurate. Mostly I have issues with the ‘I love you so much I almost forgot to brood!’ line, because, that is not the case at all. Buffy never did anything to stop Angel from brooding. Angel did little more than brood about their relationship. That line would be perfect if it was about Angel/Cordelia, becuase he does love her so much that he forgets to brood. With Buffy? Hell no, that isn’t accurate. 

Sorry, I have been thinking these things about Halloween and Fredless for a while now.

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I know right? Sadly it was already taken so I had to make do. Also, what happens in the BTVS comics that’s so bad? Is that the one where Angel tries to destroy the universe in order to be with Buffy?

Yep, that’s the one. Whistler (from Becoming 1&2) went to Angel told ‘Y'know all these slayers running around? They’re fucking up the world of 'balance’. Can’t have that many superpowered women running around’. So for some reason Angel buys that, because apparently Angel is an idiot who trusts anything the powers say, has no personality (and was only chosen for shock value because it makes absolutely no sense unless btvs!Angel just left for years and just now came back as a crazy person) so he just starts killing slayers, dresses in a ridicilous (sp)  costume and calls himself 'Twilight’. “Twilight” is also this another universe that wants to take over 'our’ universe so Angel does its bidding for absolutely no reason that makes sense, then when Angel reveals himself to Buffy, they fight for a moment but then they get roofied and fuck in space and give birth to that Twilight universe which then is destroying our universe, and initially Angel’s like 'why can’t we stay here and just fuck? Oh you wanna go save your friends and family? I guess I could do that too…’ But on Earth Angel gets more possessed by Twilight and he kills Giles. That’s basically the main plot. Makes no sense and contains pretty much all of Joss’ worst habits. Also, Buffy has sex with another slayer, fall in love with Xander but she can’t be with Xander because Xander is together with Dawn (which happens after Xander fall for one of the slayers but she gets killed). Harmony has a reality TV show after the world finds out about vampires. Like I mentioned, the only good stuff about S8 is that Faith gets more developed. Giles becomes her watcher for a time and Brian K. Vaughn’s arc is great for her (it’s the second arc but I just can’t remember the title right now). If only it was exempt from the Twangel fuckery I’d just keep that and read it but alas it is not. TL;DR: Twangel (Twilight-Angel) makes zero sense, Bangel gives birth to a new universe, can’t have too many superpowered women around cos that upsets balance, Faith has a great arc.

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Gryffindor, definitely! Though, you might have been asked to choose between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff...

Considering my character identification, I was expecting Gryffindor (Angel and Steve Rogers). Also, my MBTI seems to favor Hufflepuffs from what I have seen, so this makes sense too.

manthk asked you: What makes you relate to Angel?

Anonymous is not my thing: But I have been curious about one thing: What makes you relate to Angel? Like what qualities do you guys share? If, there are too many can always answer later when you have time. :)

First a short list of characteristics I have in common with Angel, then behind the ‘read me’ is a really long, detailed, personal, indepth explanation of all of them.


guilt complex

obsessive tendencies

social skills

night person

self analyzing/self critical

world view


Angel is GPOY

sense of humor

pop culture

Warning: really fucking long, very personal, possibly boring

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Angel or Connor?

Stanford!Connor. Absolutely.

I love Angel more than any other fictional character, but we would not be complatible. At all. He’s way too much of a mess and neither one of us could do any good for the other.

But Connor with new memories going to college? Hell yes. Those new memories helped him a lot and I think we could be a nice college couple.

wasonginmyheart asked you: I love your posts about Angel and Connor. DISCLAIMER: I do ship B/A, but I also ship Angel with pretty much anyone everywhere. I wanted to get into C/A more, but the writing made it tough for me. Mostly, I think Angel's true happiness is Connor anyhow. Thus endeth my fanmail to you. :)

Aww! So nice to hear from you! I’m glad that you are able to look beyond my anti-B/A stance.

I have so many Angel-Connor family feels I sometimes feel like I might burst! I’m trying to write a comprehensive essay type thing on them this summer.

For an Angel-stan I don’t really ‘ship him (romantically) with that many people, which makes me kinda odd in this fandom, I think.

I’m curious what about the writing for C/A gives you trouble?

Connor is definitely Angel’s number one priority. It’s so beautiful and gives me so many feelings!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for your fanmail, it made me really happy :D !