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Angel Haze’s Dirty Gold: An Album Leak That’s Good News for Musicians

A few weeks before Christmas, rising-star rapper Angel Haze was getting restless about the release of her debut album, Dirty Gold, out today. So restless, in fact, that the emcee’s handlers were checking her SoundCloud profile every morning to make sure Haze wasn’t giving fans an unauthorized sneak peak. “If I didn’t have Angel on lockdown, she’d just put [the album] up there,” manager Nicola Carson told Billboard. “She wants people to hear it now. She’s so caught up in the moment and the creative space. She doesn’t get caught up in the politics.”

How prophetic. In a lengthy series of tweets on December 18, a fed-up Haze announced she was doing exactly what Carson feared: leaking her entire album on SoundCloud. “So sorry to Island/Republic Records, but fuck you,” the 22-year-old wrote. Haze said she had been promised a 2013 release if she finished the album by summer’s end, so when the record, originally due in January, was pushed back to March, Haze decided she was tired of waiting. Within a few hours of the leak, Haze’s label took Dirty Gold off SoundCloud but capitulated to Haze’s demands, announcing a December 30 release date.

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