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Photos with other YOI cosplayers at Katsu! If you see yourself, PLEASE REPLY TO THIS POST/SEND ME A MESSAGE SO I CAN TAG YOU!! ;A; It was so wonderful meeting you all, thank you so much for taking pics with me!! :DDD

1. Mila, @ask-actual-angel-krista (I LOVE YOU WIFE!!)

2. Phichit, @rui-of-sunshine (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PHOTOS!! ;A;)

3. feather duster Seung-Gil, Ramon Cosplay on twitter

4. Otabek, @bonoree

5. Stammi vicino Victor at the bar, @????

6. waiter costume (shh that’s what i call it) Seung-Gil, @iiyen

7. Yurio & Minami, @kymbawee and @whimsicalparadox

8. Stammi Vicino Victor lobby shot, @kodiak-child

9. Young!Victor, @rainecyc

10. Eros!Yuuri, ungodlyprodigy on instagram

Lemme know if you are/know any of the mystery people/want me to add other social media!! And also please lemme know if you see other pics of me, I’d love to reblog, I’m the super rhinestoned glittery stammi vicino Yuuri who lights up and sometimes was holding toxic blue glowing roses ^ ^;;;


Key 15th Anniversary!! by ONion

SeungChuChu #1

[I’m trash]

I wanted a gold medal, but all I got was a phone number [WIP - Fluff]
Greed. Noun. An insatiable desire to possess more than one needs. The downfall of great men everywhere, and Seung-gil’s theme this year. Too bad he’s never experienced it in his life.

But, maybe a certain Thai skater can help him pull this off.

Hold on tight and never let go [Fluff]
the world can just pause for a moment and please let him have this one for his own, for their own.

Almavivo [WIP - Fluff]
Even for someone as stoic and analytical as Seung-gil Lee, the warmth of Phichit Chulanont is impossible to resist.

Angelic [Fluff]
Seung-gil scowls. “What’s so great about Phichit Chulanont, anyway?”

Even though he’s across the room, even though he’s seemingly engrossed in conversation with Christophe Giacometti and Yuuri Katsuki, the boy in question tilts his head, meets Seung-gil’s eyes, and smiles.

“There it is,” he hears JJ say, and then an amused chuckle that he would strangle him for had his mind not suddenly blanked.

Silent love is calling faith [Angst/Fluff]
When he is sixteen, Lee Seunggil meets Phichit Chulanont at his first Asian Open Trophy. They talk, they cry, they part ways.

Winter mornings [Fluff]
When Seunggil opens his eyes for the first time that morning, he immediately notices is how warm he is

 CINDER AND SMOKE ; A study in music for Gilbert Nightray, the man who waited 10 years, and the man who could wait 100 years more.

 tracklist : wrapped in darkness | atlas hands | medicine | things that hide away | disarm | release | my fight (for you) | blindsided | sorrowing man | cinder and smoke | earnestly yours

Thanks for the memories, mochijun.