angel gift


A little birthday something for Kaz who wanted S4 Sam - SN: 04x12

Angel Jyushimatsu for mod Jyushi’s request over at @hesokuri-wars !! i wanted to do requests for the mods because they work really hard on making sure this game playable to jp noobs like me LMAO

i wasn’t sure which angel jyushi you wanted so I defaulted to parade set which saves me in game and also bunNIES

i hope you like it!! i love jyushi!!

Maybe I’m not the girl in your dreams. Did you ever consider that? Perhaps the girl you dream about looks like me and talks like me, but has an entirely different persona which you’ve made up in your head - we share the same shell but are different people. Perhaps she’s daringly confident while I’m a hot mess. Perhaps she’s this intriguing mystery while I’m what you see is what you get. Like a banged-up old car – damaged but still going.
I know how you look at me, with that glow in your eyes. You put me on a pedestal, like I’m a God send – an angel, a gift. But I fear you praise an entirely different girl – a version of me that does not exist. One that says all the right things, one that radiates when she walks into a room, one that lights up your darkness. A flawless, unrealistic concept. 
I bet when you dream of me you don’t imagine dark skies and endless steep hills. Because that’s what I am, my love. I am a thunderstorm. My soul is heavy and hard to love – but that’s not what you want, is it? You want her – the desirable option. But she’s not real. Rainbows and sunshine? Complete bullshit.
—  I am a thunderstorm
Our Words Danced

Our words danced
with sheer delight
to calm the dawn
and hold the night

Of love and other
temporal things
rainbows kissed
by angel wings

Fiery dragons
and pirate ships
the sweet sting
of a lover’s lips 

Laughter lost
to passing years
a baby’s smile
a mother’s tears

Arriving as gifts
one day to depart
free every word
within your heart

For none will hear
one single note
of the symphonies
we never wrote


I don’t even want to get into what goes through my head when I look in the mirror. I seem to go, “oh shit, I’m getting older.” We all feel that somehow we’re exempt and then when things start to change and skin texture starts to change, I find it almost confounding. You’ve got to be kidding me. As if somehow I thought that I was exempt. (x)


Favourite Hakyeon hairstyles by @hakyeon-trash