angel from heaven

i don’t think the fact victor had his own costumes sent to japan for the onsen on ice event is appreciated enough. like most often i see this going around as a gag and excuse to call him “extra” and i’m like?

not only did victor think ahead of the very two people who were going to compete that day (and therefore should be the ones worrying about costumes, given it’s a very important part of presentation), but he paid for the shipping of not one or two, but every single costume he ever wore in competition so yuri and yurio had what to choose from. that also means he was willing to allow them to make sizing adjustments in case they picked something from more recent competitions. then he let yurio keep the agapé costume, something i’m pretty sure he didn’t even have to ask for.

like? guys? this isn’t victor being extra? it’s him being literally the most thoughtful angel on this planet? please appreciate him?

I honestly love how

Yuri was presented to us as Yuri THE RUSSIAN PUNK” Plisetsky who shouts in people’s faces to “JUST RETIRE ALREADY!” and goes around kicking butts in other people’s home rink. 

^look at that sixteen year old punk-ness uh huh



And without any discussion whatsoever, we all just agreed somewhere in the middle that this smol blond kid didn’t resemble any sort of Russian punk but was an angel from heaven that should be loved and protected

I mean look at him 

shoutout to all ya’ll yuri angels woot share the lurv 

“It’s been over a year since my divorce. I’d been married for fifteen years. I was pretty beaten down. Some days I would feel so lonely that I couldn’t even sleep. A friend of mine from work told me to download a dating app. I tried for a long time but nobody was answering me. It was making me feel worse. I wanted to delete it but my friend convinced me to keep trying. Then on January 28th, I saw her picture and gave her a ‘heart.’ And she sent me a message. I said: ‘Wow, this is really happening.’ It’s like she’s an angel who came from heaven to bring light to my life. I love my chocolate bonbon.”

(São Paulo, Brazil)

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Concept- Victor gets a concussion from a skating accident and is more than a little loopy on pain meds at the hospital. He switches between dozing off, crying over his messed up face, and staring at Yuuri like he's an angel sent from heaven. "Who are you?" "I'm your fiance Victor, remember?" "No you're not! You're too pretty to be engaged to a hideous beast like me!... So so pretty. Like a little angel here to take me to heaven." *starts crying* You can bet Yuuri recorded all of it for blackmail


Gonna meta analyze real quick but part one of The Get Down was from Zeke’s POV which is why we saw characters such as Mylene and Shao in such great lighting and effects, like how Shao started off as some mysterious, mythical figure on a quest doing back flips and always being back lit by the sun and Mylene as an angel with a voice from heaven, but when both characters get to know Zeke better and eventually these special effects stop being used as much and theyre scene more as humans and not idols. Also scenes where Zeke is not involved are heavily stylized (shaos meetings with Grandmaster Flash, the murder in the club, mylenes audition in the church, Dizzys experience at the club) because he’s imagining what happened.

Part two is from Dizzys POV which is more obvious because of all the comic art work bits and such but also shows his thought process. Dizzy also had a ton of fantasy scenes in this part, which he didn’t have when the show was from Zekes POV Dizzys speech and actions are more understandable to the viewer in part two because we can see how he views others and such but is just as fucking weird . He doesn’t romanticize people as much as Zeke does but instead fantasizes events and places (Ruby Con, the Club, the party in Jackie’s Room with the drag queens , even prison) . This also explains why there’s a ton more obvious queer subtext when it comes to Shao and Yolanda in part 2, because Zeke didn’t pick up on the little things that Dizzy did.