angel fink

Aaah, it’s finally finished oh my god. First time ever using a painting style so I think I did pretty well.
Anywho, here’s my new wallpaper (resized for posting purposes).


Welcome to Nightvale T signed by Erin Mqgown from the liveshow Glow Cloud in Toronto. Honestly? It was amazing! ! Got back at 1am but it’s all good. Cecil was dressed in a taxi suit with reflective black pads. If you’ve never listened to the podcast you should. Great night!

The Foster the People mural is being removed due to complications in planning permission, please sign (and reblog) this petition to the city of Los Angeles to leave this beautiful piece of artwork that mark worked so hard to have painted. There are currently 10,000 signatures, but we need 4,000 more, itll onky take 2 minutes of your time, thankyou :) petition –>