angel face :')

This has probably been done before, but I just imagined the Karasuno boys performing Boys in Luv, all in their gakuran, looking like the bad boys that they are.

Like… I am just Imagining Daichi with his gakuran open and I am hyperventilating. DAICHI. HIS. GAKURAN. OPEN. 

Sugawara, Hinata, and Ennoshita perfected those evil little smirks and throws them like nobody’s business, angel faces with evil intent.

Tsukishima’s cold glare and those frustrated, little face scrunches.

Kageyama biting his lips while ruffling his hair impatiently.

Asahi with his hair down and pushing it away in this elegantly crude manner when it gets on his face. 

Tanaka and Noya being the epitome of wild and dangerous., challenging everyone to come at them as they dance.

Narita and Kinoshita scoffing and doing that arrogant head tilt.

Yamaguchi running his thumb on his lips.

What Price Duty?.

Excerpt 4: Celebratory Drinks

Zandromeda takes Jonas up on his offer for drinks, but brings a friend along.

Special Guest star! Azaria Dace who belongs to the lovely @greyias

This excerpt was a collaboration with @greyias so, i hope you Angel faces all love it to little bitsies! XD Thanks Greyias for the collab! These two bff’s need to get together more often!

The Excerpt is going to be under readmore cause its a bit over 1500 words XD also for those who dont want to readmore or cannot cause mobile is lame here is the link to the AO3

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i ’ v e    g o t    a    f e e l i n g    i t ’ s    n e v e r    t o o    l a t e
i close my eyes and see myself how my dreams will come true

colored&edited official sketch (x)