angel dumont schunard

musical characters who didn't deserve to die in no particular order

add your own, DON’T BASH OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINIONS, and no historical characters/characters based off of real people (ex. characters of Hamilton) bc the musical doesn’t get the full story

• angel dumont-schunard
• fantine
• abuela claudia
• kim
• whizzer brown
• moritz stiefel
• wendla bergmann

Trans Headcanons (more will be added, most likely)


Dipper Pines
Danny Fenton
Nicky Daley
Stan Pines
Rick Sanchez
Morty Smith
Chris (Until Dawn)
Crash Yamaguchi (Hollywood U)
Mark Cohen
Shaggy Rogers
Dan Mandel (Dan Vs)
Nice Cream Guy
Lars (Steven Universe)


Shae (Hollywood U)
Sakura (High School Story)
Kiki Pizza
Steven Universe
Trenton (Mr. Robot)
Grenda (Gravity Falls)
Tambry (Gravity Falls)
Bratty (Undertale)
Princess Peach
Roxy Lalonde


Dean (Hollywood U)
Fiddleford McGucket
Jessica (Until Dawn)
Eridan Ampora
Koh (High School Story)
Butters Stotch
Frisk (my specific gender headcanon)
Stan Marsh


Octavius (Night at the Museum)
Angel Dumont Schunard
Ford Pines
Kenny McCormick
Victor Trevor
Marco Diaz


Wendy(l) Testaburger
Wendy Corduroy
Buttercup (Powerpuff Girls)
Riley Anderson
Sollux Captor


Candy Chiu
Pacifica Northwest
Sam (Until Dawn)
Payton (High School Story)
Darlene Alderson
Summer Smith


Sans (Undertale)
Jedediah (Night at the Museum)
Wes (High School Story)
Matt (Until Dawn)


Lee (Gravity Falls)
Sherlock Holmes
Star Butterfly
Elliot Alderson
Emily (Until Dawn)

My favourite part of the movie rent is when they’re at Angel’s funeral and they’re talking about how amazing she was, and mark says something along the lines of
“Once she was being harassed by a skinhead, and she turned right around and told him ‘I’m more of a man then you’ll ever be, and more of a woman than you’ll ever get.’”

I’m listening to Today 4 U and I remembering how I use to read fics by this one girl and all of them had Angel NOT killing Evita the Akita and holyshit that pisses me off like you can change anything but please don’t Mary Sue Angel because I fucking loved that Angel was also a little bwuhahaish like stop she killed Evita the Akita it makes her way more human STOP WRECKING MY PERFECT CHARACTER