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Day 02 of Anime Los Angeles ~ 

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I had a cresswell thought. Thorne and cress using each other's full/real names when they're being flirty or in a fight (cress gets really into it and uses it as a tactic) bonus: thorne gets super creative with pet names much to cress' s delight

I couldn’t help myself, anon.

First Name Basis

by lovelunarchron

“Can you watch the GPS? We’re heading into Buenos Aires and the skies are crowded. Don’t want to miss any important turns.”

Cress glanced at the control panel of their podship and sighed. They had been flying for over two hours in a rapid descent from the Rampion, still in orbit, to deliver their last batch of letumosis antidotes. It was late and she was tired of flying and tired of traveling nonstop from city to city for the last year. The only thing on her frazzled mind was getting those antidote vials into the hands of the government officials so they could take a break and sightsee.

And catch up on sleep.

Stars, she wanted to sleep.

“Fine,” she grunted, annoyed that Thorne was too lazy to type in their destination. Cress maneuvered her hands over the keys and entered it in a heartbeat.

Then she closed her eyes, knowing that they would be on solid ground in less than fifteen minutes.

Twenty-five minutes later, Cress’s eyes snapped open. Thorne was singing along to a song and doing that little wiggle thing with his shoulders that usually made her giggle. Except when she noticed their location on the GPS, it only made her narrow her eyes.

“Um, where are we?”

“You tell me,” Thorne said with a smile when he had finished the refrain. “You’re the one in charge of navigation.”

“Excuse me?”

The tone of her voice made the smile slip off of Thorne’s face. “You said you would watch the GPS.”

“Watch the GPS? What is there to watch? You just turn when it tells you to turn. All I did was put in the destination.”

You were supposed to tell me when to turn.”

Cress glared at him. “Are you telling me that because I didn’t say anything, you completely ignored the instructions of the GPS?”

He shrugged. “I was singing. I put the GPS on mute.”

“Aces! You’re the one flying! How can you possibly think it’s responsible to not pay attention to where you’re going while you’re in the middle of a city?”

Thorne leaned to the right to look out the window, making the podship tilt slightly in the same direction. Cress loosened the straps on her harness and pushed herself onto her knees. She saw nothing but mountains.

“I don’t think we’re in the middle of a city anymore,” said Thorne nonchalantly, avoiding her gaze.

Which he always did when he knew he was in trouble.

Because oh, he was so in trouble.

“You have got to be joking me, Carswell! We were in the middle of traffic!”

“Which you were supposed to be watching, Crescent.”

“Don’t you dare Crescent me!”

“You Carswelled me first!”

Thorne jerked on the controls and they veered to the right to go back towards the city, causing Cress—who hadn’t strapped herself back in properly—to slam into the loose harness. She gasped for air, the bare skin of her shoulders cutting against the rough material. If only she hadn’t worn that stupid sundress.

Thorne’s hand shot out and tried to help her back into the seat, but as he leveled out the podship she flew back into the correct seating position naturally. She swatted his hand away. “Don’t touch me.”

He cursed. “I’m so sorry, Cress, I didn’t realize you weren’t strapped in!”

“You don’t realize a lot of things, apparently. Like how to make sure you don’t fly out of the city you’re supposed to land in!”

She rubbed at her skin. It wasn’t cut, but it burned. There were would be definite bruising there tomorrow.

Crescent,” he said through gritted teeth, but then saw her face and reconsidered. Took a breath. Put on an apologetic face. “Cress. Darling. Angel Face. Heart Eyes.”

She glowered at him. How dare he try to win her over with his stupid pet names?

Thorne widened his eyes in a pleading look. Then he pouted. “Moon Swoon?”

Cress pressed her lips together. She would not laugh, she would not laugh. Thorne had come up with that one about three weeks into their relationship when he had decided that nothing interesting rhymed with Cress, and he absolutely needed a fun way to say her name. Discovering that her middle name was Moon had brought such delight to his face.

Then he had called her Moon Swoon for the entirety of two days until she’d put an end to that nickname indefinitely.

Now he only used it when he was trying to make her laugh.

She knew it was his way of trying to get back on her good side.

“Carswell…” she said, a warning tone in her voice.

He grinned. “…And his favorite Shell.”

Thorne blew a kiss in her direction and then pretended to swoon at the sight of her.

She rolled her eyes. “Just get us on the ground.”


Katrina Crane in 2x12: Paradise Lost