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The Sidewalks of New York
➝ A Merthur AU fanfiction.
AO3 | FF ]

Rating: M
Word Count: 161.2K

New York City, 1925. Jazz, flappers, parties, and violence. In the midst of Prohibition, crime boss Arthur Pendragon and his gang, the Knights of the Round Table, arrive from London to open a speakeasy in Chelsea. Fearing they’ll lose their hold on Manhattan’s West Side, the Black Kings send Merlin Emrys to spy on the Knights. The two gangs quickly become rivals, and there is no place for love in war.


Merlin & Gwen through the years requested by taylorscurves

“Hi. I’m Guinevere, but most people call me Gwen.”
“I’m Merlin. Although, most people just call me Idiot.”