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2 beautiful cuties ♡ ♡ ♡ close-up perfection

okay, but angels

angels seeking their siblings, both heavenly and fallen, in the face of every stranger

angels avoiding eye contact at all costs, because they just don’t want to be found

angels reverently walking into churches and being overwhelmed with home

angels shaking furiously as they pass churches, because they are overwhelmed with memories

angels staring into the mirror, counting flaws like stars and crying because they were glorious once

angels smirking into their reflection, because they could get used to this

angels smiling as they watch their loved ones just live, knowing they were brought here to protect them

angels snarling at strangers, angry because they can’t even begin to fathom

angels in country fields, weeping at night, begging to come home

angels walking city sidewalks, more in love with this home than they ever were in heaven

angels, who clutch at memories of souls of gold and bones of eternity

angels, who live by iron, dirt, and sheer force of will

angels, who walk the line of mortal and divine, who see no need to make the choice

angels seeking divinity

angels running from divinity

angels who just don’t care about divinity


You Look Good on Me

Characters: CastielXReader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 1627

A/N: One-shot written for @casbabydontgoineedyou / Katie’s 1K Writing Challenge / prompt #18 - The last time you made dinner, you caught the kitchen on fire. NSFW/18+ readers/adult content – oral sex, female receiving (come on, who doesn’t fantasize about this angel between their thighs?).

Summary: Fluffy, adorable, eager-to-please-you Castiel likes the way you look in his white button down shirt the morning after a night of incredible sex. So much so, he wants to make you breakfast.

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Lebanon Times daily newspaper tucked under one arm, paperboard Gas ‘N Sip coffee cup clasped in hand, whistling low to the classic rock tune of Smoke on the Water, Dean Winchester leisurely rambled by the bunker’s kitchen threshold. Several paces beyond the door, he stopped up short, coffee sloshing from the ill-fitting plastic lid to splatter his leather shoes, brow furrowing, brain incrementally registering the odd sight presented to his peripheral vision. Gravitating backward, he craned his neck, peering into the kitchen, calmly confirming with a bob of his head that Castiel was indeed situated at the counter attempting to assuage an angrily beeping coffee maker into producing a fresh pot while wearing nothing but crinkled white boxer shorts. Dean scanned up and down the empty hall and around the otherwise unoccupied room before clearing his throat to announce his presence.

Cas snapped shut the top of the ornery contraption, effectively silencing it. Angling to regard his friend, he cordially nodded in greeting, “Good morning, Dean.”

Dean stepped through the door, an amused smirk overtaking his features, “Uh, Cas, look man, it’s great to see you finally making yourself at home, but where the hell are your clothes?”

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Back to the Future: Part 3

Summary: You, Sam, Dean and Castiel force Zachariah to send you back to the future.

Pairing: Endverse!Cas x reader, Present!Cas x reader

Word Count: 1.9k

Warnings: language, pregnancy, eh that’s really it

A/N: just for clarification: Castiel = present Cas, and Cas = endverse Cas

Back to the Future Masterlist

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“You guys ready?”

Dean looked around at you, Sam and Castiel, all of you standing in the middle of the road near the bunker, your eyes glued to the ring of holy oil on the pavement in front of you.

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Eye contact with j-hope just for 10 seconds - thank you bighit you know us so well

12x19 Deconstruction: Part I - The Reunion Exchange

Hello, you lovelies! Man, what a day. What a rush. What a high! All of Friday I was smiling like a damn fool, I was, literally, giddy, barely able to sit still, much less concentrate on anything that did not have to do with the glory of The Future. (See what I did there?) (I know you did, you clever minxes.)

I would love to do a scene-by-scene deconstruction of this entire episode, and I will continue to dip into it because it’s just too good not to do so, but for now I’ll talk about Those Two Exchanges: the Reunion and the Mixtape. 

Before I begin, I just have to give an honourable mention to the recap sequence of the episode, ending on Dean saying “Welcome back, sweetheart.” What an incredible way to set the tone for the underlying sentiments of what we are about to see. Kudos to whoever edited that together.

The Reunion Exchange

So, Sam and Dean are in the War Room, discussing Kelly Kline. Here, the scene action and the brothers’ dialogue provides us, the audience, with exposition pertaining to…

a) Sam - as the Lord of Research
b) the brothers are still looking for Kelly Kline
c) time is becoming an issue, as in it’s running out
d) they don’t know how they’ll handle the situation if they do find her

Enter - Cas. And they have the following exchange:

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my angel; jimin

                                                                                             CHAPTER I

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Words : 3258
Genre : Guardian Angel AU

A/N : I wanted to make a really long one shot at first, but since I didn’t know if you will like it, I decided to split it into idk yet how many parts, so yeah here’s the first part, please tell me how you find it and if I should continue !

I apologize for any grammatical or mistake in general, please keep in mind that English isn’t my first language

A world, where each human has it’s own Guardian Angel, a world where any form of contact between Guardian Angels and their charges is strictly forbidden, for obvious reasons. However, what will happen after Park Jimin, a rookie Guardian, accidentally reveals himself to Y/n, a clumsy human constantly in need of protecting ? 

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anonymous asked:

I just realized we're halfway through the season and the closest we've gotten to a 'monster' episode was the vampires Mary and Cas fought in episode 9. I know ppl were talking about the episodes being all about human monsters possibly meaning something earlier in the season, do you think that's even more likely now that the pattern's continued?

Yeah! I was just musing on this (uh, a couple of hours ago when I started watching the episode)

I do think it’s really interesting because it gives us a lot more variety on emotional stories. A randomly placed ban on monster stories by the showrunner imposes limits, and within limits, the imagination has to go in different directions :P I mean, it’s literally the box they have to think outside of? It reminds me of how werewolves weren’t written for like 6 years until Robbie rebooted them and then suddenly werewolves are a stock monster but they weirdly never ever show up in the same way they did back in Heart, even though technically that type of werewolf still exists out there :P And we never get episodes about rugarus, because again their story is so limited by their rules you can only write about basically the ground their original episode. Vampires being more human from the start meant that they were so much easier to write stories about family and other things which were relevant, while if you tried to cram a rugaru into one of those episodes, it would just not work out. 

But saying “NO monsters” gives them even weirder bounds to work in. Ghosts are okay because they used to be human. Well, so did vampires, but it seems the problem is that being “monstrous” is a transformation and it turns a human into something Other, a purgatory bound soul. Meanwhile demons are more relatable. Humans can go to hell. Bobby showed humans can go to hell, walk back out and go to Heaven. Crowley and Dean have showed demons can be cured and made human. Monsters are a sort of step to the side to discuss human nature - a sort of jekyll and hyde foisting it off onto a completely different person style thing. But demons WERE human and still exist on that spectrum, so they’re “human nature”… And the angel plot is also dealing with very human things - 12x10 makes it clear that angels coming into contact with humanity sort of makes it rub off on them, or at least corrupt and change angels, and of course with the nephilim stuff, a focus on mingling with humans. In 12x07 Lucifer didn’t even want to be Lucifer. He just wanted to be Vince and wallow in human distractions. His speech at the end before he melted was a ton of complaining about human nature. 

I like that this season has human villains (mostly), and human problems, and this focus on human nature. I think the lack of monsters is another little way to underline how this really is a season exploring humanity in a very different way than before.

(And idk if anyone’s read to the end of my watching notes or would want to so I’ll just round off by grabbing this bit about Dean in 12x11 after he’s killed all the witches, because I was reflecting on human nature, or, specifically, what they were exploring about Dean’s there…)

It was using Dean as a weapon. He had no idea who he was, no purpose, just these orders/suggestions and he went on instinct, couldn’t even talk, COULD fire a gun, and had enough instinct to load the gun, walk into the house, and fight the witches.

I’m reminded of 9x21: Dean in the middle of the dark decent. Goes to kill Abaddon (mirrored in the fight with Lily and Ishim last episode), and for the entire scene from the moment he comes in the door, I think until they leave the building, Dean does not speak a word. He just goes in there on instinct, charges Abaddon, and pushes through he wall-shoving to get her, all on this brutal killer instinct that Rowena has reminded Dean he had.

Dean with no sense of self was very cute and goofy, but he retained his moral code (killing monsters bad, person who kills monsters hero) and he retained his killer instinct, so stripping him right down like that, I think this was the message of what has been programmed deepest into Dean, the things that would go last when everything else about him was disappearing. And considering I’ve been working through the last few episodes of season 9 lately, I’m chilled. :S Especially that the back up plan was to throw Dean at them as a weapon


Mafumafu: There was a Hiki Fes rehearsal

Today I’m a penguin

It’s sudden but I’m going to upload a video at 6pm …\( *´ω`* )/

Luz: Hiki Fes rehearsal nau😎

I got UraShimaSakataSen’s CD! Congrats! 

Also you weren’t expecting this but at 6pm I’m going to upload a video! It’s the feeling of our 5 year long wish come true :) Please listen to it!

Mafumafu: UraSakaMafu    The 3 animal friends

To be honest it’s really hot and singing is tough

But meeting up after such a long time is so much fun \( *´ω`* )/

The goods are also completed to a high standard!! I’m thinking of tweeting the details later today

Amatsuki: Sakata and House Sakata* (aggrevated)

Sakata: RT He looks strong

nqrse: The Hiki Fes rehearsal was today~! Seeing everyone after such a long time, as expected it was the best… I went in an oversized jersy so I took a commemorative photo in the jersey. After that Araki-ojisan mixed a song at my house with Araki, just as long as the date doesn’t change… There’s still time so we’ll work out hardest! (I’m so happy that I have something to mumble about)

Araki: Hiki Fes rehearsal nau 🙌 Since it started to warm up yesterday I stopped wearing the knit cap and swapped it for a snapback

By the way my hair colour is completely different, it will be red for the event (planning to) so don’t worry🙄haha

I used angel pink-ish colour contacts❕Good colour🙋✨

Amatsuki: Today was another Hiki Fes rehearsal\⍩⃝/ !!

It was a rehearsal for collabs and the main song, so there were a lot of members for the first time in ages, wasn’t it just too fun ι(˙◁˙ )/ !!!

Oh oh what’s this what;s this?

Urata: It would be such a waste to eat this!

* 坂田家 , House Sakata is Sakata’s fanbase (i.e. the plush in his pouch)

I saw the Rent tour last night so here are a few things:
- “April left a note before she slit her wrists; ‘We’ve got AIDS.’” Mark looks at the ground.
- Angel makes her entrance for “Today 4 U” by jumping from a fucking raised platform onto a table in 7 inch heels
- Mark resting his hand on Roger’s shoulder and saying,“take your AZT,” then resting his head on Roger’s back and heading out the door
-Benny pulls up Angel’s skirt during “You’ll See.” Angel sits far from him the rest of the song, looking really anxious as Collins holds her
- Mimi straight up balances on a ledge with only her leg and spins around it during “Out Tonight” and walks backwards down the stairs in her heels
- when Roger starts singing to Mimi after “Life Support” the life support group stares down at him from a raised platform, Angel at the front
- during “On the Street” Angel is looking for a jacket for Collins at the bodega. she is going through them, repeating “no” to herself quietly. the bodega worker lifts up a disgusting orange camo shirt and Angel legitimately screams “NO”
- Mark and Collins holding Roger tightly and singing to him amusingly
- at the beginning of “Santa Fe” after Mark’s altercation with the police, Angel says “yayyyyy New York” really nervously
- during “Santa Fe” Collins spins Angel into Mark’s arms where he’s sitting on a table. they spend the rest of the song in each other’s arms, smiling
- in “Over the Moon” Maureen made the audience moo with her
- ok this is about La Vie Boheme
a. Mark fucking throws his body onto the table like a plank of wood
b. when Collins and Angel sing “brothers!” they Eskimo kiss and it’s super cute
c. when they sing “to any passing fad” Maureen and Mark dab at each other and everyone in the audience lost it
d. when the waiter returns and seeing chaos, he joins the dancing
- during “Take Me or Leave Me” Maureen gets on her knees and sings to JoAnne’s vagina
- in “Without You” Collins lays with Angel, then picks her up and carries her to a different table, where she starts convulsing, then crying into Collins’ arms
- all the couples get under a white blanket and moan and grunt during “Contact” while Angel emerges from the top and rings a reprise of “Today 4 U”. the couples leave one by one, shouting “it’s over.” finally the blanket is pulled away and Collins sits on the table facing the audience while Angel faces the back of stage, motionless. bitterly, Collins whispers,“it’s over.”
- during “I’ll Cover You Reprise” Mark and Maureen sob in each other’s arms while Collins sings at the top of the stage, voice cracking
- the priest kicks the group out and calls Collins a “queer who can’t pay” and Benny offers to pay the burial change. Collins says “you should know the persons funeral you just paid for killed your dog.” to which Benny replies,“I know. I hated that dog.”
- Mark stands apprehensively at the edge of the darkness during “Goodbye Love” waiting to see what Roger will do
- Mark slamming the phone so hard during “What You Own” that the stand shakes
- during “Your Eyes” Mimi convulses and starts repeating lines from “Candle” and Roger looks horrified. when she comes back to life and says she saw Angel, Collins beams
- Angel’s spot is left vacant during “Seasons of Love Reprise” -During the finale, Angel runs back onstage to the group wearing a white smiley faced t shirt and white pants, although no one on stage notices her
-Mark projects images and videos of the group onto the walls of the theater, moving his projector from side to side so it moves across the walls

sorry if this was long but the performance as incredible so I thought I’d share