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Not A Ross Shopping Bag - Visiting West LA

July 22, 2017

Many of the strange things we see in the sky are explained away as balloons or shopping bags. I would be hard pressed to come up with any earthly explanation for this object, which stayed in one place for several minutes in the eastern sky at sunset this evening in West Los Angeles. It rotated, seemed to shy away from my camera and retreat, becoming quite small for a while, and then relaxing and coming back for photos. Zooming in closely revealed changes to the shape from one photo to the next. I may have enjoyed a shopping trip to Ross today, but this is no Ross shopping bag.

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okay, but angels

angels seeking their siblings, both heavenly and fallen, in the face of every stranger

angels avoiding eye contact at all costs, because they just don’t want to be found

angels reverently walking into churches and being overwhelmed with home

angels shaking furiously as they pass churches, because they are overwhelmed with memories

angels staring into the mirror, counting flaws like stars and crying because they were glorious once

angels smirking into their reflection, because they could get used to this

angels smiling as they watch their loved ones just live, knowing they were brought here to protect them

angels snarling at strangers, angry because they can’t even begin to fathom

angels in country fields, weeping at night, begging to come home

angels walking city sidewalks, more in love with this home than they ever were in heaven

angels, who clutch at memories of souls of gold and bones of eternity

angels, who live by iron, dirt, and sheer force of will

angels, who walk the line of mortal and divine, who see no need to make the choice

angels seeking divinity

angels running from divinity

angels who just don’t care about divinity



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You Look Good on Me

Characters: CastielXReader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 1627

A/N: One-shot written for @casbabydontgoineedyou / Katie’s 1K Writing Challenge / prompt #18 - The last time you made dinner, you caught the kitchen on fire. NSFW/18+ readers/adult content – oral sex, female receiving (come on, who doesn’t fantasize about this angel between their thighs?).

Summary: Fluffy, adorable, eager-to-please-you Castiel likes the way you look in his white button down shirt the morning after a night of incredible sex. So much so, he wants to make you breakfast.

(not my GIF)

Lebanon Times daily newspaper tucked under one arm, paperboard Gas ‘N Sip coffee cup clasped in hand, whistling low to the classic rock tune of Smoke on the Water, Dean Winchester leisurely rambled by the bunker’s kitchen threshold. Several paces beyond the door, he stopped up short, coffee sloshing from the ill-fitting plastic lid to splatter his leather shoes, brow furrowing, brain incrementally registering the odd sight presented to his peripheral vision. Gravitating backward, he craned his neck, peering into the kitchen, calmly confirming with a bob of his head that Castiel was indeed situated at the counter attempting to assuage an angrily beeping coffee maker into producing a fresh pot while wearing nothing but crinkled white boxer shorts. Dean scanned up and down the empty hall and around the otherwise unoccupied room before clearing his throat to announce his presence.

Cas snapped shut the top of the ornery contraption, effectively silencing it. Angling to regard his friend, he cordially nodded in greeting, “Good morning, Dean.”

Dean stepped through the door, an amused smirk overtaking his features, “Uh, Cas, look man, it’s great to see you finally making yourself at home, but where the hell are your clothes?”

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soulmate! Vernon

requested by anon

Summary: in which your eye color matches your soulmate’s hair color and vice versa

part two

  • so you live in a neighborhood that’s basically every suburban neighborhood in America ever
  • your mom has frequent business trips to SK because of her job and her side of the family is there also
  • so when summer rolls around you’re bored of suburbia
  • and decide to take an internship at your mom’s workplace in SK
  • so you pack up all your crap into a suitcase
  • and in 20+ hours it’s family reunion time
  • your aunt and uncle and cousins are happy to see you, practically jumping up and down to pick you up from the airport 
  • they prepare an apartment in Seoul nearby your mom’s office
  • and you’re like what the heck, I like the city
  • it’s always too lonely at home when your mom’s away on trips but here you have a bunch of family
  • so you decide to study abroad for the school year and enroll in a university in SK
  • and it’s good for your mass communications degree, as is the internship
  • you settle in your comfy apartment in Seoul, your mom visiting when she has business trips
  • your cousins and aunt and uncle invite you over often for home cooked meals
  • after a few days, the US is just a distant memory
  • you feel like you fit right into the city, the bustling life, the lights shining brightly, the sound of people going about their days
  • it feels like what you think is home, you were meant to live here
  • with the sudden move for the summer internship and the school year, you kind of forgot about the whole soulmate thing
  • that is until you look in the mirror in the bathroom one morning
  • and your eyes
  • they’re. freaking. pale. af. 
  • like the color of blonde hair with darker tan and beige undertones and highlights 
  • they were pitch black the day before 
  • you’re taken back but it happens occasionally when you know that soulmate of yours out there somewhere dyes their hair
  • at least they’ve been pretty consistent and didn’t dye their hair something outrageous, like pink
  • you get ready for the day already used to the new look
  • you kind of like it
  • you decide to take a walk along the Han River
  • you like going there to read on the grass or write random poems (although your years of studying language still hasn’t allowed you to find a word that rhymes well with beautiful) and listen to music
  • a mixture of hiphop, edm, and ballads
  • it’s pretty early in the morning and you walk and jot stuff down in your mini notebook as you go, breathing in the early morning air
  • but apparently paying attention to where you’re going is a good idea because both you and this person didn’t seem to realize that
  • until the both of you collide with into each other and you both end up on the ground
  • “I’m sorry!” he stands up and reaches out for your hand to help you up
  • you’re kind of just staring at him in shock though
  • because his hair… 
  • and your hair…his eyes
  • and it doesn’t take him long to stare at you wondering what’s up
  • and he sees your eyes
  • “Oh shi-” he stumbles backwards and falls back on the ground, again, across from you and you’re both just trying to process what just happened
  • so naturally you say something incredibly intelligent to make a good first impression on your soulmate
  • “did you just curse in English?” and suddenly you’re both laughing amazed at the situation
  • turns out he was too busy jamming to a song to watch where he was going
  • and you were too busy scribbling something you can’t even remember
  • it’s awkward at first, how do you react properly to meeting your soulmate?
  • but he’s endearing and drags you into a convenience store for ramen and coffee
  • “I actually prefer cheeseburgers”
  • “No way, me too.”
  • it’s like you met your long lost best friend
  • “you’re a rapper? no way!”
  • “you write? dude can I see some of your stuff”
  • “these would make lit lyrics”
  • “aw really? thanks!”
  • “wait you wrote the rap lines for this song? omg they’re so good!”
  • you’re both just sitting in that convenience store one ear bud in your left ear and the other one in his right ear
  • talking music and all the technical stuff that makes it an incredible medium for language when used correctly
  • it’s almost like you’ve known each other forever
  • you both start walking towards his dance studio cuz you got nowhere better to go for a bit
  • with the ear buds still connecting the two of you, and laughing and conversing in English
  • walk into the practice room and damn everyone goes silent and stares at you two
  • who are still talking in english
  • they are all so lost like who is this girl, vernon doesn’t bring random girls to the studio
  • except for Joshua
  • who understands everything y'all are saying
  • and has this huge smile on his face 
  • “annyeonghasaeyo” you say blushing, “ I’m-”
  • “my soulmate!“ Hansol says not containing his excitement whatsoever
  • everyone is ready to explode
  • “Jun’s was literally just a few weeks ago?wtf?”
  • it kind of already feels like a family and Jeonghan steals your phone, already putting in everyone’s numbers
  • “If Hansol is being difficult, call me, my number’s under ‘y/n’s angel’”
  • Seungkwan puts his contact name in as 'YOUR BIGGEST COMPETITION’ and jokingly makes an “I’m watching you” hand gesture
  • Hansol doesn’t get a choice, svt puts his contact name in your phone as ‘y/n’s soulmate’
  • “you better protect him"
  • “he gets lost in thought a lot”
  • “he could be drowning and probably think about what he wants for lunch and forget to swim”
  • you laugh, it’s hilarious
  • but now it’s really time to go because it’s late
  • he walks you out to the secret backdoor because paparazzi 
  • “your other member just found his soulmate huh?”
  • “fate is funny, we are seventeen, jun hyung and me met our soulmate 2017″
  • “it must if seventeen’s soulmate year”
  • you both kind of just stare at each other stupidly, both not wanting to leave
  • until you grin and laugh 
  • this sets him off into laughter
  • you tilt your head to the side like you were debating something
  • and as if it was in slow motion, you lean up and press a soft kiss to his cheek
  • immediately, his hands come up to cup his cheek shyly
  • you grin at his cuteness
  • “I’ll text you when I’m home!”
  • he watches your back view and you turning around one last time and wave at him when you see him watching
  • when your out of eye sight, he lets go of his cheek and looks at his reflection in the glass panel
  • a hint of pink lip gloss stains it

part 2

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The Seventeen Soulmate AU series:

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi / Pt.2 || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin / Pt.2 || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||


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pairing: reader x void stiles.

summary: void stiles has a soft spot for you.

warnings: cursing.

song inspiration: young and beautiful → lana del rey.

roasted leaves rested on the earth, branches bare from their departure. you had awoken on this cold morning, expecting the day to continue like it usually would. beacon hills housed some of the most chaotic creatures, the current topic is the ageless nogitsune that settled itself into stiles stilinski’s figure.

tonight was halloween, your favourite season. lydia was hosting a party at her lake house, you had decided to attend as a bloody nurse. it was a classic but you still rocked the clothing nonetheless. fake blood would be stained across your white dress and you decided that your hair would be in loose curls.

the night dawned over and you had arrived to lydia’s lake house with one of your close friends. people flooded the hallways and bumped into one another as you tried to fight your way through the crowds.

you stumbled into the kitchen before pouring a drink, the burning liquor poured down your throat as you grimaced at the strength. the small particles of your drink rose to the top of the glass as you placed it down onto the marble counter.

people complimented your outfit and you were the most best dressed at the party. you had some angel white contact lenses in that added to the awesomeness. you leaned against the counter as stiles walked in, he didn’t seem to add any effort into tonight’s seasonal events but it didn’t bother you.

stiles’ eyes were unlighted and he looked light–toned. he looked as though he hadn’t slept in years, despite the little endeavour he added to his costume. your crush on stiles seemed to heighten as he looked attractive in this moment. 

“c–can you do me a favour?” stiles leaned closer towards you as his darkened eyes bored into yours. his thumbs lightly brushed your cheeks as you shuddered at the coldness of his hands. 

“sure, what is it?” you catechized as you glanced at his cold, lavender coloured lips. they were chapped as he whispers delicately in your ear.

“I need you to kiss me, sweetheart.” he growls as it sent chills down your spine. stiles had a melancholic vibe that made you feel slightly uncomfortable. but you had a crush on him, so the attention was overwhelming.

music was pulsating in your head as you glanced at stiles who raised his eyebrows, awaiting for you to heed to his demands.

“are you sure?” you dithered as storms accumulated in his brown orbs. he tilted his head as you sucked in a harsh breath, understanding that he was one–hundred percent sure with his commands.

“alright.” you forbade as he briskly became more impatient as each second passed, he gripped onto your waist and crashed his fractured lips against yours. 

your fingers tousled his dark brown locks, the moment prodigious. you couldn’t process what was happening right this second. you were indulging in an intense make out session with the guy you had a crush on.

as you caught your breath, he had a devilish smirk plastered on his pale complexion. in this moment, you realised that you weren’t kissing stiles. 

scott rushed into the kitchen as his eyes widened, stiles’ expression hardened as he grips onto you. 

“stiles, let go of me.” you struggled to escape his tight hold as he chuckled, scott’s face was full of concern and panic as he tries to pull you away from stiles.

“that’s not stiles.” you gasped as scott manages to drag you out of stiles’ reach. “he’s not stiles.” you repeated as the duplicate of stiles smirked in achievement.

“congratulations, you’re one of the last people to work that one out.” he snarled, you backed up against the counter as scott becomes face to face with the heartless monster that held stiles’ mind hostage.

“don’t touch her.” scott says harshly. in reality, void stiles didn’t want to hurt you. in fact, he wanted you for himself.

stiles’ memories were full of you, he had liked you all this time and void stiles seemed to of developed the same affection that stiles held for you. all the times that stiles would tell you about his nightmares, you wouldn’t listen to him.

you’d tell him that everyone has nightmares, but these ones that stiles were having involved you in lots of them. but again, you didn’t listen to his worries. stiles had devils in his head, they’d manipulate him and drive him insane.

“I don’t want to hurt you. I fucking want you, I want you all for myself.” void’s jaw clenched tightly as his knuckles turned white from exertion.

everything made sense now, the nightmares, the sleepwalking and the panic attacks. you felt terrible, neglecting stiles’ needs and words.

he was possessed, every second that you spent with him was slowly morphing into someone who wasn’t him.

this entity that’s allowed itself into his lanky figure has taken over his life. there wasn’t anything you could do. 

void stiles wanted you, and he wouldn’t give up unless he had you…

Back to the Future: Part 3

Summary: You, Sam, Dean and Castiel force Zachariah to send you back to the future.

Pairing: Endverse!Cas x reader, Present!Cas x reader

Word Count: 1.9k

Warnings: language, pregnancy, eh that’s really it

A/N: just for clarification: Castiel = present Cas, and Cas = endverse Cas

Back to the Future Masterlist

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“You guys ready?”

Dean looked around at you, Sam and Castiel, all of you standing in the middle of the road near the bunker, your eyes glued to the ring of holy oil on the pavement in front of you.

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