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how problematic 

EDIT: I added greyscale so Pharah actually has her canon dark skin. I apologize if the image had come off as racist in any way, it simply slipped my mind to add greyscale. Next time this mistake happens in my art again, please tell me and request I fix it. Thanks!

i’m so confused on like. Lawrence. every character in the games had some motive or reason for capturing you and they kinda express it in their routes but what’s Lawrence?? what does he want?? here drink these drugs and bleed in this bucket

lemme speak

i think the main problem Jimin has is being insecure about himself. i just can’t understand why is he SO insecure. he can just sit and do nothing but he still the cutest mochi. i mean, remember those times when he starve himself just for a jawline and abs. i know he promised he’d never do that again but he still telling that he is gaining weight. bitch, where? my heart really hurts when he saying that he got fat or ugly. ARMY would love him without abs, jawline and all that shit. look how cute his cheeks are i’m soft. yeah he is not perfect and make mistakes in choreographys or singing but he still our precious mochi. i just feel so sorry for him not loving himself like bangtan appreciate him so much. look, i know what’s like to be insecure even after people appreciate me but Jimin U LITERALLY SHOULDN’T
and those bitches who talks shit about members of Bangtan like ffs get the hell out. how can you call yourself an ARMY if you hate one member or love only one or two. BTS wouldn’t be BTS without Seokjin/Namjoon/Yoongi/Hoseok/Jimin/Taehuyng/Jungkook. they all more than just appearance or body, they all talented as hell, they all trying so hard, they all love us so much why do you have to hate. JUST OPEN YOUR EYES and you’ll see that all the love they get they DESERVE

long story short: Jimin is perfect lil shit that needs to love himself and BTS deserve everything that they have.