angel carrillo

if you should find yourself in my city
on my street

please, please, please,

look your fill
take pictures
breath the air

but don’t you dare try to see what kind of impact
the sound of your voice would make on my life

you are a visitor in this neighborhood
so tread lightly

I built these walls to keep out the echoes
don’t undo all the work I’ve done.

//buy a souvenir but don’t you dare sign a lease // @ourimaginaryrebellion //

Okay but consider a Pinescone Horse rider AU

-Stanley and Stanford own their own ranch called the Stan-O-Buck and have a lot of horses on their ranch. A majority of their horses are theirs.

-Dipper and Mabel spent the first summer on the ranch when they were 12,and had so much fun that they go up there every summer,eventually living there once they were done with high school.

-They got their first horses when they were 12 after one of Ford’s mares had babies. Dipper gets a female Grey and White American Paint and names it Joanne. Mabel gets a male Tan and white American paint named Peanut. They started riding them when the twins were 14.

-The Northwest family owns a ranch and is a rival to the Stan-O-Buck. Preston and Priscilla don’t actually ride horses, but Pacifica does. She has a white Carrillo named Angel and she enters contests for all kinds of categories. While Paz wants to enter them for fun,her parents expect her to get first place every time so they can be the best. This puts a lot of pressure on Pacifica so every night she sneaks off to the Pines’ ranch and rides with Dipper and Mabel. Paz eventually gains a crush on Mabel and mostly rides with just her.

- When the twins were 14,Wirt and Greg come to the ranch for their first summer,much to Wirt’s demise. He spends the first two weeks iscolated in the ranch house and only comes out when Dipper convinces him. He ends up enjoying himself and at the end of the summer,Wirt gets one of Ford’s horses,which is a young Grey Arabian named Fred.

-5 years later,Wirt eventually moves to a house with Greg,his mom,and stepdad and their ranch house acts as a second home. Dipper gets really excited and he and Wirt spend every day together before Dipper realized he has a crush on him.

-Wirt likes him back and they find some way to accidentally admit it to each other. Either way it ends up in laughter and they start going out.

-Fred and Joanne always grunt every time the boys are up to their bad flirting because their owners are nerds.

-Mabel and Paz start dating when they’re 16 and are currently dating in this au.

-Greg doesn’t know how to ride but he likes playing with the baby horses and taking care of them.He also likes playing with Waddles and Gompers

-Wendy is a rider who sells Bridles and Saddles on the ranch while Soos cleans up after the horses.

-Mcgucket is Ford’s husband and he owns a farm near the Stan-O-Buck.

-Candy and Grenda like to come to the ranch and look at the horses (and tease Paz about Mabel)

-Robbie doesn’t actually like horses but the rest of the teens do.

-Gideon claims to know a lot about horses but hasn’t ridden one in his life.

-Bill is a wild Buckskin Mustang who likes to come around the ranch. He LOVES to ruin people’s lives (Mostly Ford’s) and steal stuff but for some reason he acts like a doll around Wirt.

“I have a message for the people of California. Protect the old Spanish homes that are left; keep the Spanish names of streets and towns. Don’t change them to newfangled, high-sounding names. Those old names all have meanings. They are landmarks in the history of this state. It cuts me in the heart every time I see a workman dig a pick into an adobe wall. I am doing what I can to keep the tradition.” – Leo Carrillo (inside car). He made the comment in 1924.

Source: Valerie Yaros, “Leo Carrillo: More than a California State Park,” SAG-AFTRA Magazine, Summer 2015.

Photographer: Art Streib (1929)