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Dating Bruce Wayne Would Include:

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Before his parents death (not dating yet) 

-Being great friends with Bruce

-Your parents know each other so they were basically the ones that introduced you and Bruce to each other

-The parents hoping you two end up together

“Hopefully if Y/N and Bruce end up together we’ll get ourselves some beautiful grandchildren.” Martha smiled.

“Only time will tell but I hope it happens.” Thomas said.

“He’s an intelligent and charismatic young man there’s no one more perfect for Y/N then Bruce.” Your mom stated.

“Well I don’t have any doubts these two kiddos will surely end up together.” Your father said. 

-Bruce and you always being together, you’re practically attached to the hip

-Going to the same school

-Causing mischief in the mansion sometimes 

After his parents death (helping him recover)

-Being his shoulder to cry on after what happens

-Stopping him from trying to hurt himself and from doing stupid things

-Turning into his best friend

-Helping him control his negative emotions

-Going on adventures with him around the city

-Hanging out with Selina and Ivy

-They (and Alfred) both think you and Bruce are cute together and practically ship you 

-Defending him in school from Tommy Elliott  

1 year after his parents death (finally dating)

-Bruce confesses his feelings for you in the cutest way possible

-He told Alfred that you would make an amazing wife and mother

-When Alfred tell you this you’re practically as red as a tomato just like Bruce

-Alfred ships you both even more now and says he can’t wait for the grandchildren 

-Being great friends with Selina 

-Which leads to you and Bruce blushing madly

-Bruce calling you or describing you to other people as, “Babe, baby, gorgeous, beautiful, hun, princess, darling, angel, queen of my heart, my other half, love of my life, etc…”

-You calling him or describing him to other people as, “Babe, baby, handsome, king of my heart, my other half, my prince, soldier, love of my life, Romeo, pretty boy, etc….

-Going to the meetings with him

-Going to events as well and helping him pick out a suit

-All eyes are on both of you when you dance together 

“They’re looking at you.”

“Oh believe me they’re all looking at you.” Bruce said.

-People calling you two the Prince and Princess of Gotham 

-When Jerome is revived Bruce protects you at all times because of what happened last time (Jerome planned on keeping you as his queen after killing Bruce who was only your best friend at that time but his plan didn’t succeed)

-Jerome takes you hostage in the circus along with Bruce

-You stop Bruce from killing Jerome because Bruce is not a killer 

-Jerome gets the living shit beat out of him for taking you hostage 

-You and Bruce reunite with a passionate kiss after escaping the funhouse mirrors 

-Forehead kisses

-Sweet and slow kisses

-Endless cuddling

-Watching movies together 

-Falling asleep in Bruce’s arms sometimes 

-The cute “I love you(s)”

-Bear hugs

-A lot of kissing and hugging 

-Becoming a target since you are Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend

-Bruce being overprotective asf but you don’t mind, you think it’s cute

-Small and simple dates but you love them

-Him treating you like a princess and always loving you 

-He’s the greatest guy you could ever ask for and you’re really lucky to have him, he feels the same about you

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Nicknames/petnames they would call their gf?

sorry there’s a lot of repetition in here but here you gooo

Seokjin: sweetie, baby, my queen, dear, angel, gorgeous 

Yoongi: babe/baby, beloved, love, jackass in a good way, princess

Hoseok: jagi, beloved, angel, boo, cutie, dork, 

Namjoon: baby/babe/babygirl, sexy, baby doll, baby mama idk, hun/honey, shorty, princess

Jimin: sweetie, sweetheart, baby, my queen/princess, angel, cutie, gorgeous, 

Taehyung: i feel like he would give you a really cute name like, pudding pop or sugarplum not those im just saying or something idk, PUMPKIN there we go, boo, gorgeous, luvvve, lumlums

Jungkook: babe/baby, love, honey, dork, princess