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Could you please do a Gabriel (or Balthazar) x reader fic where the reader tells them that she has never cum from oral sex - and that nowadays she just stop guys from going down on her because so many has become annoyed in the past because they couldn't get her to cum, and the angel in question is like "humans!" and proceed to show her how much better an angel lover is? I think Gabe or Balth are the ones that enjoy giving oral most :)

I like this idea ! +added. Thank you !

Echo of a heartbeat

I had another idea for the Echo-prompt, I still have to write a Malec AU for, and as I’m not sure I’m going to use this idea, I still wanted to share it. :) This is a sort of post-apocalyptic scenario, I guess, I’m not very familiar with this kind of genre.

The background:

Earth Deities have forbidden angels to settle on the planet since forever, but then angels struck a deal, so they would be allowed to send ‘Echoes’ of their own heavenly essence to earth, which would manifest into a sort of watered down version of an angel. Humans.

As time went on, humans screwed up nature more and more until nature and the animal deities had had enough and wiped them out. But the echoes, that had been every humans core, so to speak, are immortal, so they would just wait for the next human life to be born and be reborn in that body. (concept is not fully finished here)

But with no more humans being born, these echoes are lost on earth, scattered across the planet. 

Angels of course, want those back, because they hold parts of angelic power. But whenever an angel touches foot to the earth, now fueled with the nature’s anger about what the angels’ creation brought them, their wings will be bound to the skin of their back, and they aren’t able to return to heaven/their own world. 

Now, angels had decided, that those among them, who sinned and would be fallen angels usually, would be granted  a second chance to go to earth and collect a certain amount of echoes (depending on the crime they committed) before they were allowed to go back. 

Magnus and Alec?

Alec is an angel, that ‘kissed the wrong guy, flipped off the wrong people’, as he says, though keeps a close secret about what actually happened that got him sent to earth and how many echoes he has to collect. 
Most of the earth’s current population also wants him dead, when they see him because angels are not that welcome.

Magnus is a former human, who when the deities rose, made a deal with one of the animal deities to an immortal life in this deities service in exchange for the echo, that had been his heartbeat until then. He lost his human eyes and has to abide the word of that shape-shifting deity (their favorite shapes are different sea creatures and Magnus lives close to a deep lake with connection to a river).
By trading his human heartbeat, Magnus became ‘invisible’ to the rage of nature, when it hit his part of the world. 

(And as your eyes are windows to your soul, they change, when you’re soul isn’t human anymore.)

First Meeting: 
Alec falls into the lake and almost gets eaten by a shark, but manages to get out of the water and gets pulled out the last bit by Magnus, which leaves Alec sort of in Magnus’ debt (?) for saving his life. 

I also have that idea, that for some reason, they end up going on a road trip together, with the deity Magnus is bound to, following them around as either see snake, goldfish or something else, depending on the amount of water nearby. 

The longer Alec stays on earth, the more painful the cage for his wings becomes, because it’s also a reflex for him to spread them in dangerous situations and such, but by being held back, they get cut each time his strains against the ‘cage’.


Other people, who have survived the way Magnus did. Or some deities being less aggressive than others and granted safety to those, who have honored nature before. 

Make out sessions under the waterfall. (Because they are going to be amazing waterfalls *-* and with Magnus’ guardian, they have to stay close to water.)

Meeting other angels on their journey, with different stories. Maybe some have even decided against ever going back and have cut off their wings. 

Yeah, now I’m trying to figure out if you could get a proper story out of this or if I have finally lost it. xD


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Heyyyyyy Howww Areeee Yoouuuu Iiii Llloooovvvveee Youuuuuu Anddddd Pleseeee Drawwwww Aaaa Angel dean and human castiel? Maybe kissing? I'm so so so so sorry I bothered you can ignore my hopeless existence *covers head and hides*


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  • Aries: ♡ The divine child, they who still have wings from heaven attached, they who bare a pure soul, untainted and unafraid
  • Taurus ♡: The sacred earth priestess, they who move with the seasons, entangle in vines, and sing the song of birds, they who love, protect and emanate the earth and its beauty
  • Gemini: ♡ The vanishing pixie belle, they who act as a golden herald transmitting messages of angels to humans, they who change in the blink of an eye so they can read the thoughts of the sky
  • Cancer ♡: The lunar guardian, they who conjure incredible and supernatural powers of protection when children of god become under threat, they who act as the sacred channel between the divine mother and the physical plain
  • Leo: ♡ The ruler of the stars, they who were born into greatness with sunshine pouring through their veins, they who radiate with acts of heroism
  • Virgo ♡: The angel, the devoted celestial attendant of god, they who sacrifice themselves to bring peace to others, they who offer service to the children of god
  • Libra ♡: The enchanted lover ~ they who see the true magnificence and beauty in every soul, they who perceive clearly the delicate wonders of creation
  • Scorpio: ♡ The prince of the underworld, they who have inherited a cosmic well of mystic fortune and secrecy, they who will be forced to display their resilience
  • Sagittarius ♡: The shaman, they who see clearly the language of symbolism and esoteric wisdom, they who hold the map of entry to the divine temple
  • Capricorn: ♡ The wizard, they who alchemize the non material into the material, they who transfigure god’s vision into reality
  • Aquarius ♡: The altruistic extraterrestrial ~ they who nourish earth with the elevating knowledge from other galaxies, they who bring unconditional love and unify people
  • Pisces: ♡ The awakened mystic, they who spend their lives re-enacting their relationship with god with everyday people, they who can read the poetry in the stars
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