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Alice Angel - KrystalClaireVA

Boris and Bendy - Me


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Found some old angst filled doodles of Alice in game.

If everything works out, Alice will maybe be on our side and when she has to fight…SHE WILL FIGHT.
She not about to let Henry suffer in that hellhole like she did, like all her coworkers and toon friends did, like Susie will always be when Alice uses her stolen voice.


Bendy and Alice meet once more.

Sammy Hates His Life

I like writing Sammy, so I decided to take a crack at @yunisverse‘s version. The one where he isn’t dead, here, and Henry’s a formless blob of ink. 

Rubberhose AU belongs to @yunisverse

Sammy wasn’t sure why he’d come back. He didn’t even like working at Sillyvision, not really. So why had he decided to answer Joey’s letter? Why had he decided to come back to the studio? He wasn’t about to admit to himself that he missed his job. He’d liked being around people like Susie and Henry, and even Joey to a certain extent. Susie had been a good coworker, always respectful of his space, but concerned enough to drag him out when the need arose. Henry had been a good boss, generally keeping to himself. He’d understood Sammy’s need to be alone when it came to his work. Joey had been…something special. He’d paid well at the very least, and he’d even left Sammy alone most of the time. The one thing he hadn’t missed though, was the ink. The second he entered the studio, he groaned. There was ink everywhere. He couldn’t take a single step without stepping in some kind of puddle of ink.

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Wrong Side of Heaven (Pt 3)

A little fluff.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 (here) / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

They sat on the edge of the warehouse’s roof, set somewhere in one of the major cities along the East coast. Blake was too tired to remember the name, having slain more Demons the night before than she imagined could exist in the mortal plane at once without the Highest Angel sending half of Heaven down to banish them. Their battle had ranged all over the block of abandoned buildings around them, culminating in the building they now rested atop, and how they hadn’t brought any of the structures down remained a mystery. All different sorts of lesser Demons that earned no formal name and a few ones from the higher echelons- Envy, Lust, Greed, Gluttony- had tried their hardest to bring the two down and ultimately failed. On the one hand, four months from her deadline, she’d banished thirty eight Demons, leaving only twelve left before she’d earned her way back into Heaven. Given the onslaught they’d fought against the night before, Hell had yet to relent in pursuing Weiss, expending more and more minions to bring their wayward sister back home. On the other… they were exhausted.

Said Demon currently sat beside her, leaning her head on Blake’s shoulder as they watched the sunrise, her tail curled around them both almost protectively. Her cracked horn had broken more, nearly down to a nub now, though the gash over her eye had closed long ago. The chain had lost a few more links as well, something she noted with subdued joy once they’d trudged out into the weak light of the pre-dawn, tired from their long battle. Dimly, the Angel recalled Weiss mentioning that the chain represented her ability to be returned to Hell, with each link falling away weakening the bond between her and the den of all evil. At least ten links remained, though, and Hell’s attempts to reclaim her had only increased in recent weeks.

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“No, you’re wrong, father.”

Demon/Angel AU 

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