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Could you please write "Angel/Human - Please stop kicking at the gates of heaven you’re dead and that’s that." for AoKaga? Pretty please with sprinkles on top?

Ohoho. I certainly did not expect someone to request AoKa from me ever again.

I tried. You don’t even have to guess who’s the angel. Because who’s a better angel than our baby tiger fluffy ball of sunshine? Oh gosh, I miss him.

Aomine opened his eyes and with a strangled yell grasped at the front of his shirt, squeezing the fabric in his trembling fingers. Patting frantically his chest, he sighed with relief when he realized that there actually was no bullet wound nastily bleeding. It was just a nightmare, he kept musing over and over trying to calm his hammering heart.

Blinking rapidly, he tried to focus and took in his surroundings. The sunset was so beautiful and the sun, the clouds were so enormous, like he was somewhere up in the skies-

Wait a second. The fluffy thing he sat on. White and soft, and so easy to grasp and rip off? He took a handful of the white mess and squeezed. What the hell.

He stood up and took a better look around. There were no other things in his field of view besides more clouds and a big, fancy golden gate. Instinctively, he thought that must be the exit out of whatever place he was in.

The nearer he got to the gate the more grand it became. He was kind of lost and doubted he will be able to open the thing due to its size. However, Aomine Daiki was no loser. He had at least to try.

Grasping at the gate, he pushed it with all his might, but it didn’t move even for a millimeter. If pushing doesn’t work, then how about pulling? He pulled at the gate, putting into it every drop of strength. The gate didn’t open. It felt like he was being mocked, and Aomine Daiki was never mocked by anyone or anything.

“Fuck you.“ He spat and kicked at the gate as hard as he could. “Let me out, piece of golden crap.“ He cursed while continuing to kick at it. “I’ve got to arrest those assholes and write my report, I don’t have the whole fucking day-!“

“Hey, you!“ Aomine heard a voice and turned around. “Up there.“ It said and he looked up into a pair of crimson eyes. “What do you think you are doing?“ The man asked, a deep scowl on his handsome face.

Aomine gulped. The dude was sitting on the same “piece of golden crap“ he’d been trying to open for the last five minutes. And… were those wings by any chance? Aomine shook his head. He had no intention, and more importantly - no time to deal with some guy cosplaying angels.

“What, what.“ Aomine grumbled under his breath, giving the gate another kick “Trying to open this shit and get out.“

The redhead’s eyes widened and he burst out into a wild laughter, clutching at his sides. It was dangerous - the way his body shook - and Aomine didn’t want to deal with some dead guy cosplaying angels.

“Hey, you, watch out-“ He tried to warn, but the dude jumped off the gate and Aomine’s breath stopped.

There was a childish grin on that face as the guy fucking descended and didn’t fall face first onto, whatever was under Aomine’s feet.

The wings majestically flapped behind the handsome redhead as that came face to face with a gaping Aomine.

“W-who are- how the heck-“ Aomine babbled helplessly. He was still sleeping, wasn’t he?

“Kagami.“ The redhead said and smiled toothily at him. “Angels are supposed to fly, aren’t they?” He added, helping the shocked human to close his gaping mouth.

“Angel…“ Aomine repeated and raised an eyebrow “Seriously?“

“Yes,“ Kagami said patiently “and I’m sorry to tell you this, but you’re dead and positively in heaven now.“

Aomine groaned, rubbing at his temples. There’s no way this was happening to him, right? Right?

Fuck Wakamatsu and his shitty cover. He let Aomine fucking die and now, he was trapped in this place with fluffy clouds, beautiful skies and this annoyingly handsome dude?

In fact…

Thank you, Wakamatsu. And now, write the fucking report alone, because Aomine’s gonna have a good rest in a good company.

Werewolf!Aomine and Angel!Kagami ③ 【AoKaga】

Original: 【腐】狼男青峰と天使火神③【青火漫画】
Artist: Aruto@ついった
Series: KnB
Pairing: AoKaga
Translator: Tonie
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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The Riposte

Highlights of the episode:

Adrien being an angel. 

Kagami being a sweet, talented and serious girl. 

Bridal-carry Ladrien. SHGDJKA I swear all of those episodes had been like fanfics. Good stuff. 

Ladybug kissing the sarcophagus. I DIED. 

Chat being injured even after transformation. GOOD STUFF.



Cancel all other parts of the love square, this killed me. 

Werewolf!Aomine and Angel!Kagami ② 【AoKaga】

Original: 【腐】狼男青峰と天使火神②【青火漫画】
Artist: Aruto
Series: KnB
Pairing: AoKaga
Translation: Tonie
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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@loveaoka requested one with an angel Kagami and devil Aomine! This had the potential to become insanely long and I really didn’t want to go into “multi chapter” alley (at least not right now), so this happened. XD

Also how good is Adam Lambert’s latest album?! Yeah I know it was out months ago but still!! I’m hooked~ hopefully one day I can hear him live~~ *swoons*

Dark grey eyes stared down at Kagami, arms folded over a silken white robe and feet brushing the marble floor lightly as twin silver wings held the figure upright. “Your friend is causing mischief down on Earth, Taiga. Fix it.”

Kagami grumbled. “Why do I have to-”

“Because he seems to only listen to you,” the archangel narrowed his eyes. Himuro Tatsuya did not take kindly to his dear angels mingling with the underworld filth. It would only lead to severe consequences, and their segregation was necessary. “You’ll go down there, and tell him to stop. And then you will say goodbye and never see him again.”

Kagami’s eyes widened. “But-”

“At least I’m giving you that much,” Himuro said softly, waving his hand, and the last thing Kagami saw before landing on Earth was Himuro’s tense expression.


Aomine whistled happily, peering down from the roof he was on while rolling up his sleeves. A bucket of water sat next to him and he picked it up slowly. “Three…two…one…huzzah!” he saw the girl walk out of the building and tilted the bucket to see the water slosh out and fall down spectacularly…only to stop in mid-air. To his shock, it flew straight back up and hit him right in the face. He spluttered, stumbling back and blinking his vision clear to see a silhouette floating above him, the sun its backlight.

Fiery red eyes glared down at him, forked eyebrows scrunched in displeasure. Tanned feet touched the ground as the large golden wings folded behind the figure. White silky material fell over his shoulders and clinched loosely at his waist by a golden rope. The dress brushing his knees and teasingly revealing small snippets of his skin as he moved towards Aomine. He threw out his hand and muttered something under his breath.

Aomine felt his human disguise shatter, as the clothes he was wearing morphed into tight black pants. Dark tattoos swirled on his neck, back and arms and a black tail flicked the water off in annoyance. His pointed ears twitched and his sharp canines peaked from his teeth in a sly grin.

“Hey there, Kagami. Doesn’t it get a little airy in that dress of yours?” he smirked, peering under Kagami’s clothing.

Kagami slapped his hand away, his cheeks red. “Aomine, you asshole!”

Aomine ran a hand through his hair. “Not like I haven’t seen it before.”

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Happy belated New Years with AU!kiyokuro!!! I was going to add my ot3 too but I ran out of time and energy oTL

AUs from left to right:

  1. Komainu!Kiyoshi and Exorcist!Kuroko with a kagami mochi
  2. Angel!Kiyoshi and human Kuroko
  3. Tentacle!Kiyoshi and human Kuroko again LOL

Heres to a good one uwu thank everyone for your neverending love and support, I’ve met and gotten to know so many wonderful people this year, you guys are awesome <3