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Hamilton Chicago - Opening Weekend

Alexander Hamilton - Miguel Cervantes
Eliza Schuyler - Ari Afsar
Angelica Schuyler - Karen Olivo
Aaron Burr - Joshua Henry
Lafayette/Jefferson - Chris Lee
Mulligan/Madison - Wallace Smith
Laurens/Phillip - Jose Ramos
Peggy/Maria - Samantha Ware
King George - Alexander Gemignani
George Washington - Jonathan Kirkland

I can’t sleep so I wrote about my OTP doing it instead.

Fareeha was already yawning as she switched off the bathroom light and trudged into the bedroom. Arms stretching overhead, she couldn’t help but smile when she saw her girlfriend.

Angela was asleep and propped against the headboard, reading glasses still on and a book in her lap. Fareeha climbed slowly onto the bed on her knees. With both hands she carefully removed and folded the glasses. She leaned across the other woman to place them on her bedstand along with her book and switched off the lamp.

A slight change in the doctor’s breathing was followed by a soft, “Hm?”

Fareeha brushed a few blonde strands aside, noticing in the dim lighting that Angela’s eyes were partially opened. Fareeha cupped a hand under her chin, placing a kiss on her brow, on the tip of her nose, and, softly enough, on her lips.

Sliding under the blankets, Fareeha gently tugged Angela into her arms. “Come here.”

Angela murmured something and snuggled in against her, tucking her head underneath Fareeha’s chin, draping an arm over her side, and shuffling to tangle their legs. Fareeha pulled the blankets up around them and gathered Angela in her arms.

Rubbing a hand along Angela’s back, Fareeha closed her eyes and fell into peaceful sleep.