the betrayal au- alternate ending

suggested by a cool anon, and i sort of mixed it with @transfluiid’s suggestions. pls don’t hurt me. read up till the part where pharah kills widow.

  • and just as pharah’s about to end it all
  • the blonde doctor steps in front of widow
  • pharah just manages to pull back in time
  • widow blinks, surprised
  • if she’s surprised, pharah’s shocked
  • “angela, why the hell-”
  • “make her work for overwatch.” 
  • angela’s voice is strained but steady. this is how she deals with loss.
  • “ang, you can’t possibly be serious. she killed tracer!”
  • “i know, fareeha. but we can’t just kill her. tracer wouldn’t want that.”
  • “if she was alive!”
  • “fareeha-”
  • “she deserves to die!”
  • “fareeha,”
  • “she’s right.” a quiet voice.
  • pharah looks down at widow, surprised
  • widow looks up, meets her gaze
  • “i do deserve to die.”
  • “well, now you’re not going to, as per my wife’s instructions. get up.”
  • she doesn’t.
  • “GET UP!” pharah roars, and then drags her to her feet by her hair.
  • “fare-”
  • “i don’t want to hear it, angela. come on.”
  • they put her back in a suit, give her a gun, give her the treatment again, slow down her heart.
  • she feels trapped. she’s suffocating, and tracer, the only person who could ever make her feel free, is gone. because of her. and what for?
  • she hates herself
  • she wishes she were dead
  • goddamnit, she might as well be dead, because without tracer she doesn’t have a purpose for living.
  • but she lives and she kills and she is hollow and tired and sad.
  • reaper appears one day in her room. she looks up, unsurprised.
  • “didn’t work too well, did it?”
  • “no, reaper. it didn’t.”
  • he nods, lifts his head as though he wants to say something, but then reconsiders.
  • “i’m sorry,” he finally says, very, very softly
  • “it wasn’t your fault.”
  • that night, she holds a blade to her wrist, the wrist with blood pumping three times slower than tracer’s, and prepares to slash
  • suddenly, mercy appears in front of her and catches the blade. widow looks up.
  • “she loved you.” is all she says.
  • widow grits her teeth but cries anyway. “you think i don’t know that?”
  • “did you love her?”
  • “yes. i did.”
  • “then why did you do it?”
  • “because i couldn’t do anything else.”
  • “and if you had the chance to take it back?”
  • “who do you think i am?”
  • mercy nods, disappears, takes the blade with her
  • she tries again
  • this time, it’s pharah that catches her.
  • “who the hell do you think you are?” she rages. “who the hell- you don’t have the right to die, after you killed lena!”
  • widow doesn’t respond. pharah exhales quickly and leaves.
  • she keeps shooting at talon agents, hits them every time.
  • and one night, she’s curled up on the dorm bed
  • and suddenly there’s a flash in front of her
  • orange and a mess of brown
  • widow sits up very very fast
  • no. it can’t be. she’s dead.
  • “kinda-” the flash again- “hard to ki-” “-l me, love.”
  • and then the flash winks.
  • “cherie.” widow breathes.
  • “hiya, love.”

for those wondering what song jin is singing beautifully to in this vine (x

it is BTS singing “Hip Hop Lover” live! this is the video (x) it’s probably one of my favorite live performances EVER 

they’re just so into the music and the vocal line is killing every line and the rap line go hard and there isn’t difficult choreo so they just let their bodies move to the music and it’s beautiful stan talent y’all