Kenshin female???

😍♥️ Angel

“You are so cute” 😍♥️

Sorry that i can’t bring myself to draw for my cg challenge. 😥 I don’t have time. Besides, someone is very good at distracting me. And maybe bc of Kenny stage play i can’t focus 😍♥️

“I don’t want to let you go. In the same time, i’m afraid you’ll leave me” 💙

Well, hope you enjoy :3

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Malik: However, thanks to the words of my friends i could understand something important.

Malik: I had to take care of my own life and of the changes that i had been thinking for a better future for everyone.

Malik: Now i had the opportunity of create something better. I decided to cheer up and thrust forward. Listening what my mother said me…

Malik: that always listen…

“ Whats your name?


Malik: My inner voice

“Would you like to work in my house?”

“….thank you”

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