Hi guys~

Finally I’m here!

Buuut unfortunately my sister said we’re going to watch a movie tonight so I have to leave now. ._. Is Thor a good movie?

Oh!I just got done watching Fei Chang Bu Yi Ban!RYEOWOOK IF I WAS ONE OF THE GROUP THERE WOULD YOU LET ME DO ANYTHING TO YOU LIKE TAKE YOU HOME AND PLAY WITH HANDCUFFS? But seriously though,lucky fans are lucky ;__; They even got to hug Hyuk /sobs And the little boys were super adorable fusafksfnsfsjdlfhsnauif.And the way Ming ‘walked’ to them on his knees Aww :3 Zhou Mi with the piano is OTP omg.His hands are so pretty and his voice and ugghhh I’m a sucker for guys who can play instruments :( Kui Xian,you and your angelic voice… Can I marry it?If I could understand Chinese then I’d be like melting right now which would make it weird,because I’m already melting (Cheesy line is cheesy).I love Chinese variety shows so much!

Can’t wait to watch the next episode~

Well that’s it from me~ See you all soon n__n ♥