angeal hewly

Back in the days of Feudal Japan, demons and humans roamed together, completely aware of each others’ existence. However, that never necessarily meant they would tolerate each other. Fear is an ever-present matter that has yet to disappear.

In this time, there were three mighty Demon Lords. They were highly feared, the bounty on their heads from Emperor ShinRa was great, but all who sought to kill them would up dead.

Angeal, despite being a demon, grew up with a human mother. His real father had been killed in a war not long after his death and to pay off everything she owed his mother was forced to marry again. The man, Hollander, was a heavy drinker and an abusive man. To protect his mother’s honor, Angeal never sought out help and was forced to remain silent, even to Genesis. When he was in his teenage years, his mother killed herself. Unable to bear the pain, Angeal killed Hollander and fled, telling Genesis he wanted to leave the town for adventure.

Because of everything, he hated humans. His only possession being his father’s sword. Angeal had become bitter and cruel to everyone save for Genesis.

After several years, Angeal could not find peace. He very rarely took to women for his needs, save for one night in a nearby village. This woman in particular he found attractive, despite her being a human. When his business was done, he left her alive.

Days later, they were alarmed at the appearance of another foe. Genesis suggested they confront him. They fought, but he inevitably gave into his friend’s wiles. The two attacked him, but were then beaten. Genesis was able to plead for their life, even when Angeal had accepted defeat. The three then set off to conquer.

The three had built their empire together and Angeal enjoyed the easy life. The killings were plenty, but he felt he was missing much of his life. When the army attacked, he fought and subdued them all easy, save for one particular half-breed. He was taken prisoner, and tossed in the dungeon.

Angeal loved torture and pursued the half-breed. Zack could take a lot of pain and torment, but he attributed that to his growing up as a filthy half-breed. Something about the boy was different. His eyes were familiar and it didn’t take long for Angeal to realize he was the son of the woman he raped so long ago.

Knowing this, he could no longer hurt the boy. He grew soft and eventually freed him. However, Zack felt too weak to go back to the village. He would have been killed either way for failing. Angeal then took him under his wing. He felt more complete having a son, half-breed or not.

However, Zack had a softer heart than Angeal could ever anticipate.

Aaaaand the last one for now. I know Angeal is pretty OOC for the most part, but after Zack betrays them and Angeal kills him, he becomes the Angeal we grew to love. :‘I

Thanks for bearing with me on these. I know I’m a terrible writer.