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❝  you’ve always reminded me of a frenchwomen, la petit. you have that—elegance and glamour to you, non? very fashion forward as well, and i have to say that i appreciate it,  ❞  the alleycat charms, equal parts flirting and genuine. he truly does love evie’s class, he is often homesick and she reminds him of france.

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Knowing that Lug was a mestizo: his father was a Tuatha Dé Danann (People of the Goddess Dana) and his mother a Fomorian (monstrous demigods). Escanor son of a goddess and a demon, as Lug? ange bleu

Always based on Celtic mythology, Escanor could be a reincarnated god in human. He could for example be Lug, which is associated at sun and art (hence poetry). A God then there are only Goddesses? Why ? ange bleu