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The magic of Merascylla is Hell Gate: to form portals for various purposes. For Ellaine and the others, Merascylla has "just" opened a door to Purgatory and the souls who were there returned to the mortal world. This crossing stained their soul. ange bleu

Mercascylla did not resuscitate anyone directly, she just opened a portal. For Elaine as her state is unnatural, her body must reject her soul in the long run. ange bleu

actually, it wasn’t just that! mela did open the portal there, but it’s also her magic keeping the souls tethered to the bodies. elaine herself says as much in chapter 174:

melascula is the only thing keeping the gate open and elaine alive. if elaine is alive, it has to work the other way around too - elaine’s survival is dependent on mela’s survival. ellie’s power is helping her body (because her body is still a corpse!) but it’s still primarily ‘the charm’ (i.e mela’s magic) keeping elaine around.

hs buddies will always be one of my faves. kasi diba ano nagrereview nga kami for entrance exams, tas nagchat si renzo tas sabi namin sa kanya pasundo kami tapos kain sa food project so ayon natuloy naman sinundo niya naman kami tangina sobrang lt talaga kasama ng mga gagong ‘to, namiss ko sila actually. hahahaha tas nung otw na kami pa-food project, nung palabas kami ng pilar, may nabundol kaming aso (sorry sa aso di ka napansin ni renzo eh) tas habang otw nga kami sa kainan, sobrang lt talaga kasi ang gago namin, sobra. tas nagpatugtog sila ng pampatay na kanta tas binuksan yung bintana kasi ang kupad nung nasa harapan namin tas di kami maka-overtake hahaha siraulo talaga amp. tas ayon, nung pauwi na ako na inookray nila tangina pasalamat kayo mahal ko kayo hahaha hi ang sarap nung cordon bleu :-( pero mas masarap pa din kayo kasama labyu guys monday ulit pls mwa.

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Knowing that Lug was a mestizo: his father was a Tuatha Dé Danann (People of the Goddess Dana) and his mother a Fomorian (monstrous demigods). Escanor son of a goddess and a demon, as Lug? ange bleu

Always based on Celtic mythology, Escanor could be a reincarnated god in human. He could for example be Lug, which is associated at sun and art (hence poetry). A God then there are only Goddesses? Why ? ange bleu