The Totally Canon Bosses of Bravely Third

Victor S. Court (he trusted the fairies)

The eldritch abomination that is Silvaht Angdis Khamer VII with a photon cannon

Minette and their army of cats from across the FF universe

Kuja, for no reason. 

A possessed coat hanger that tells dad jokes

Agnes Oblige

A triple boss fight with Ringaleg, Tizzle and Slendermag

Jean’s fursona

Fiore in the wakoku warrior costume on a giant rose petal. He’s dancing to safety dance and throws random rose-related bullshit at the party.

Sephiroth and Junko Enoshima, who don’t actually die. 

Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way

Ringabel, the author of My Immortal and Dinner for Two all along.


50 Gnomes screaming ‘LOOK AT THE TIME’

Clockhead Khamer

A stick of celery


A horde of minions with nuclear weapons

A Mage-killing polar bear

Screaming iron golem maids

Kamiizumi in the Llamacorn costume

A flan-type monster made out of gravy 

Andy's old profile

And the maknae~


Full Name: Andy (Sunho) Lee

Birthday: 21st of January 1981 (19)

Team Job: Rap [korean + English]

Family: Parents and his nuna.

Nickname: Bogus

Height/Weight: 177cm, 58kg

Blood Type: O

Eyesight: Right: 0.2 / Left: 0.4

Shoe Size: 290 mm

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: Basketball, Dance, rap

What he’s good at: Piano, basketball

Complex: He has a nose (?) and eyes without ssanggapul.

What he is most thankful for: Parents

What type of person he likes: is he/she’s smart (chakae)then it’s OK~!

His best feature: Doesn’t have one

His sleeping habits: He sleeps like a prawn (^^)

usual habits: He laughs a lot

View of life: I want to do my best

Strong points: WHen he finishes his work, he helps other ppl (?)

Weak points: He has too much love for everybody(??)

How he gets rid of stress: Screams, yells loudly and talks to his mom.

A present he wants to receive: Accessories, cologne

What he hates hearing:I don’t like it when ppl call me by my nickname.

If you could be a character for any movie at all, who would you be? I would be Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.

Movie he’s seen in depth: Titanic
Favorite Cologne: Tommy, cool water.

First love: When he was in grade 3
What is love: I don’t know right now
Around what age are you going to marry? around 27~28.

About Shinhwa
How he felt on Shin Hwa’s first TV performance: He felt happy and very thankful. He was also a little bit nervous. Other: He rapped for ses before their debut came out as singers.

Personal Notes: Andy was the guy who tried out with Tony Ahn 3 years ago for H.O.T. He made it, and was actually in Korea for 2 months,
practicing with them, but his parents were so against it that he came
back home to America. Finally when a 2nd opportunity came around to
become a gasoo, his parents didn’t stop him.


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