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And the maknae~


Full Name: Andy (Sunho) Lee

Birthday: 21st of January 1981 (19)

Team Job: Rap [korean + English]

Family: Parents and his nuna.

Nickname: Bogus

Height/Weight: 177cm, 58kg

Blood Type: O

Eyesight: Right: 0.2 / Left: 0.4

Shoe Size: 290 mm

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: Basketball, Dance, rap

What he’s good at: Piano, basketball

Complex: He has a nose (?) and eyes without ssanggapul.

What he is most thankful for: Parents

What type of person he likes: is he/she’s smart (chakae)then it’s OK~!

His best feature: Doesn’t have one

His sleeping habits: He sleeps like a prawn (^^)

usual habits: He laughs a lot

View of life: I want to do my best

Strong points: WHen he finishes his work, he helps other ppl (?)

Weak points: He has too much love for everybody(??)

How he gets rid of stress: Screams, yells loudly and talks to his mom.

A present he wants to receive: Accessories, cologne

What he hates hearing:I don’t like it when ppl call me by my nickname.

If you could be a character for any movie at all, who would you be? I would be Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.

Movie he’s seen in depth: Titanic
Favorite Cologne: Tommy, cool water.

First love: When he was in grade 3
What is love: I don’t know right now
Around what age are you going to marry? around 27~28.

About Shinhwa
How he felt on Shin Hwa’s first TV performance: He felt happy and very thankful. He was also a little bit nervous. Other: He rapped for ses before their debut came out as singers.

Personal Notes: Andy was the guy who tried out with Tony Ahn 3 years ago for H.O.T. He made it, and was actually in Korea for 2 months,
practicing with them, but his parents were so against it that he came
back home to America. Finally when a 2nd opportunity came around to
become a gasoo, his parents didn’t stop him.


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