ang li

Gli angeli vengono se tu li preghi e quando arrivano ti guardano, ti sorridono e se ne vanno, per lasciarti il ricordo di un sogno lungo una notte, che vale una vita e poi.. non torna più.
—  Tiziano Ferro

      ‘ you have been gone for quite a while this time, is something the matter, angela? ’ it is not uncommon of him to feign innocence, choosing to disregard matters that should not be overlooked. lately, he has noticed the doctor’s abrupt departures, yet not once has he dared to meddle in her affairs. not until now, that is.


not to shoot america down but… america stop shooting us down

when the athletes representing my country were born in china, your commentators kept emphasizing that they aren’t from our country, that singapore has no real talent and instead has to rely on imports for us to win

but when true-blue singaporean joseph schooling won gold, your commentators kept referencing to the fact that he trained in texas, his coach is from texas, his triumph was in part attributed to america itself… 

these are our athletes. they train how they want. they represent whichever country they want. what gives you the right to disrespect us like that?

and at least try to pronounce our names right. “liang” is not pronounced as “li-ang” with two syllables. if y'all like to dig up and research so much about our athletes’ pasts, maybe start with researching how to say our names right. not used to chinese pronunciation? learn it. have some respect for our names.