une-quaintrelle asked:

The irony of ignorant people telling you what to do with your life when theirs is sitting on tumblr sending pathetic anonymous messages to people they don't even have the first clue about. I know exactly the situation you're in and it's really fucking difficult. Try talking to an advisor at your college, they might be able to help you out when it comes to finances. I hope things get easier for you soon bab :)

I know, that’s why it just made me LOL, I’m being totally honest about the situation I’m in, I’m putting myself out there,knowing the stigma that’s attached to the unemployed, I’m basically an easy target and they choose to hide who they are to kick someone when they’re down, for merely talking about their difficulties? They’re the lowest of the low! Thank you! Yeah I will do, my college is shit, I’ve been trying to get in touch with them for over a month via emails and phone calls and they still haven’t gotten back to me >.< Thank you lovely, I really really appreciate it! <3