A new start for me today,                                                                                      I am destined to see the way,                                                                               And to follow it                                                                                                       Yield it                                                                                                                   Love it                                                                                                                   Live it.

A new start for me today,                                                                                       A new page it’ll make its way,                                                                              My page my life to live,                                                                                          Oh light, do come my way.

A new start for me today,                                                                                      With hope and faith I pray,                                                                                   That You will lead the way,                                                                                  For always and a day.

By ALew (11/1/2016)

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i have never been really active on this blog! so starting from today this is going to bloom a new. am going to start reblogging stuff i like and draw some stuff occasionally, but first i feel like i need to introduce myself!

am Khalid and am 21 years old, i am not really an artist, drawing is a hobby and i don’t think am doing a good job myself haha lol.

i have always been described as a socially awkward person, i get nervous real quick but am really good at making friends or at least i think i am ^^;

i guess you’ll notice my past posts about a character of mine called Harold and his companion with the three little ghost surfing around some dungeon trying to survive, for the time being am not sure where i am going with him but don’t worry am not going to scrap him and his story, maybe i’ll do a story recap of him in the future. who knows?

nice meeting you all! and thanks for following me!

The Start

I am starting this tumblr to help me keep on track with life and fitness goals and for me vent or show my interests in music, culture, books, movies etc. 

After a rough 2015 involving a break up, financial stress, and the weight gain and depression that followed. I am trying to start 2016 on a new foot. At the start of the year I weighed the heaviest I have been in my life at 348. 

So my Journey begins there and I have scaled back my diet and tried to start going to the gym again. Which has been once a week at the most so far…going to work on that. 

But as of this morning February 1st….I am down to 335. Its a start and I am only going to improve :-)


I wish I could say that this is where my rich boyfriend lives and the outfit is just part of a little game we like to play, but no… This is where I work. I’m a maid. The family is the richest one in Windenburg so I guess that’s something! Mr. Lofthousen is really nice and often pays me a little extra, but his wife on the other hand… I’ve only seen her smile around her snobby friends, and their marriage isn’t exactly the dream… Sometimes I suspect that Mr. Lofthousen is flirting with me, I guess his wife doesn’t give him any attention… But hey, I’m not that desperate..! Or am I..? I mean, he’s not that bad for an old dude. I’ve done worse…   

Often time when we are in a dark place, we find it difficult to see light. Always remind ourselves that things will be better - if not today, tomorrow - if not tomorrow, in a week’s time - if not that, in a day that we least expect, things will be better and all will fall into its right places. We must believe and have faith that there is always sun after rain, and there is always morning after night.

Starting Anew

When I first signed up here it was because of a challenge a dear friend of mine gave…Belinda, you need to write. We met as young, artsy college students. Back when we used to write and recite poetry. Well she kept writing and I stopped. I got caught up in chasing after another degree, a man, a job and now chasing after a set of 3yr old twins. So the years have gone by and I’ve continued to not write (not publicly at least). But today as 2015 closes I haven’t forgotten about the challenge…to write. 

This is the time of year when we all review our lives and determine that we want to start something new and shed old news. We challenge ourselves to live deeper, more powerful, more fun, more loving lives. Today I do the same…

I remove from the crevices of my heart those who broke it and the ways that they did. I remove from the my muscle memory the tears that jerked my soul and plummeted my pride and confidence. I shake loose the rocks that weigh me down and inhibit my motivation to move. I say yes to living…living a life of love in all its forms. I say yes to honoring my truest divinity and developing rituals that keep me in balance and in love. I say yes to allowing myself to be imperfect and human…full of perfect mishaps and and disappointing moments I hope don’t go viral.  

If only...

If only there was a rewind button were I could start all over again. Not to die but to be reborn and live my life again, however I would change my options, change who I am, change what I did and do. To change my past and present. But not just to restart but to remember everything that was wrong now, just so I could prevent it all from happening and then, maybe then I will be happier.