• fyeahskullkid - actually is dedicated entirely to Skull Kid so props to them for being kick ass
  • fuckyeahtermina - I actually like this blog a lot. They post a lot of majora’s mask obviously, but also everything in the fandom
  • skull-kid-in-the-lost-woods - erything zelda
  • trifource - erything zelda/ I believe they make gifs too
  • anewlegend - screencaps/gifs are awesome
  • thelegendofzeldur - makes gifs for the loz series 
  • zeldas-domain - my new erything zelda blog. I’m also making gifs for this along with Templeofhylia, Professorlink, Firaja, Sacred Realm, Hyrulesoceans, Eat-Sleep-Zelda, Warptothegraveyard and Courage-Wisdom-Power who all co-run it.