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As much as I love my ships I think the friendships in inuyasha do not get nearly enough credit and attention in the fandom. Specifically the friendships in the core squad. Like inuyasha and sango and Miroku and kagome. So whenever you put out anew headcannon about those friendships I just live for it

Honestly, the dynamic of the InuTachi is one of my favourite parts of the show, no exaggeration. Like the couples in it are adorable, but thinking of how they all geniunely love each other gives me life? They spent so much time together on the road. Obviously they didn’t always get along but it’s so clear that they’re all best friends beyond their ‘mission’ or common enemy. 

this dynamic is my life omg



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Okay, so today officially marks my first year on Tumblr~
And here I am, with my first follow forever ^-^

Thank you so much for filling my dash with your presence + awesome, awesome posts
To my mutuals, thank you for always being there for me~
All of you are such amazing and kind people, and I don’t say this often enough,
but thank you.
For whatever it’s worth, thank you~

This only end of the first chapter;
it is time to flip some pages and start anew,
Hidden within the blank pages –yet to be filled with untold stories–, the next chapter is waiting.
Take a deep breath.

Shall we begin?


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{Hello, everyone. This is admin three. Very recently, this blog’s founder decided to move on from the blog, and continue to do her own more private blog elsewhere. I am saddened, but I understand the need to move on and start anew. There are so many of you out there who follow, and I request that if you come across this post, reblog or comment a Thank You! of some sort to show her support. Without her, this blog would not have been created.

In her stead, she has left the blog in my hands, and I feel incredibly blessed that she trusts me with this task. The other admin and I will do our absolute best to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible, though potentially a little more slowly. Patience is a factor, as both the other admin and myself have obligations elsewhere. If you know who I am, send me a message or even a link to a thread I am forgetting and a short message and I shall try my best to get to it. 

I guess I shall be the first one, then, no? 

The Curious Adventure of the Drs. Watson

Description: What if ACD Watson and BBC Watson switched places …
“Imposter!” Hands clenching the lapels of John’s coat, Holmes shoved him anew.
“Yes!” John agreed, nodding, and then grimacing. “Sort of!”

Review: Not ACD but Victorianlock. When John and Watson swap places during each receptive Baskerville case, things are confusing because Holmes looks like Sherlock but he doesn’t really act like Sherlock. What’s with all of this affection? And the kisses?? This fic was good in ways of Holmes and Watson kicking John and Sherlock into gear, but there really wasn’t a whole lot of interaction between Sherlock and John for most of it. The original Hound of the Baskerville’s case is very prominent and I liked the reminder of how different our BBC version is compared to ACD.

Rating: Mature


  • What will it take

What will it take?
To repair the damage done.
To go back to when you and I had fun.
What will it take?
To add traits to the list again.
To listen to your heart when you needed a friend.
What will it take?
To not cry every night over you.
To hug you and start anew.
What will it take?
Since you will not respond.
Since you believe that it is you I have conned.
What will it take?
Since I cannot be absolved of my sins.
Since in this life, nobody wins.
What will it take?
Since you think I could possibly hate your red.
Since all those messages to you I have plead.
What will it take?
Forgive me, I beg behind these tears.
Forgive me, for losing you is the my greatest of fears.
What will it take?
Forgive me, I cannot bear it any longer.
Forgive me, I wish, I wish I was stronger.
What will it take?
Forgive me, it is you I long to see.
Forgive me, oh what will it take for you to forgive me?

So demurely do the stars beckon -
a quiet pulse, a glimmering melody,
a siren song you strain to hear
with your entire being suddenly drawn and pulled,
a gossamer chain upon the soul.
And the heart does not greatly fear
the edge of awareness,
the boundaries of the unknown,
for the eyes have gathered in beauty.
and the mind knows only the need to wander.
Do we return home or discover anew,
voyagers unfettered, fools suddenly brave.
So do the stars beckon -
and we whisper in reply, “soon.”

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Serious question. How do I deal with a broken heart? I'm in serious mental pain and I don't think I'll ever recover or want to try and go into another relationship in fear that the same thing will happen again.

When i broke up with my first boyfriend i thought i’d never NEVER be able to love again. Even after i met Felix i thought i couldn’t do it anymore at all. After some time. after some time to recover and regain myself i learned that i could love again. and much more powerful than i ever had. Pain happens and by god does it hurt. but if we let pain dictate how we decided to keep living then we won’t be living anymore. take some time. keep to yourself. learn who you are again. then open up. you deserve love EVERYONE deserves love. and they whomever they are will help you mend the damage caused from the previous. and make you anew. i thought i could never love. and now i love so much more than i thought possible. 


do you know that (8/8) : bts edition

I am 7 years late to this fandom

“How do they keep finding us?”

Oh I dunno buddy (looking at shiro’s galra tech arm) It’s a mystery (Me knowing he’s a valuable asset to the galra as their champion) A downright riddle (Also knows that they would probably want their champion back so they probably put a fucking tracker on it in case of escape) It’s an enigma, the mystery of mysteries, the unsolvable.


GIF REQUEST MEME: @palizinhas requested ‘star wars + best outfit’ - Finn’s Jacket

“Either way, you completed my mission.” Poe gestured at their surroundings. “Beebee-Ate is here, where he was supposed to come all along. And you saved my jacket.”

Finn started to slip out of it. “Oh, sorry—here.”

Poe grinned anew. “No, no. Just kidding. You keep it. It suits you.”

Tolkien’s world is like a song, with repeating scenes and themes throughout the ages. Events repeat themselves with new characters, relationships are formed anew (Beren & Luthien, Aragorn & Arwen). The Ainulindalë plays forever. Which makes it all the more enjoyable to think that Maedros casting himself into a fiery chasm holding a Silmaril was repeated millennia later as Gollum, falling into Mt. Doom, holding the One Ring.