Meet my in-laws, Katakura Kita and Katakura Shigetsugu, Kojuro’s (way) older (half) siblings. 

Kita was Masamune’s wet nurse, history told me she’s also an onna-bugeisha. Also a strict governess to Kojuro, Masamune and Shigezane. In my headcanon, she played a big part in educating these Date men and shaping their attitude towards women, which I think are the best compared to the other clans in SLBP universe. Thank you Kita-Aneue!!!

Finally saw Shigetsugu’s sprite in Tenka after MC sort of oggled him in SLBP, ahahahaha. Don’t worry Kagetsuna Kojuro-sama, you’re still way hotter!

  • Hakuryuu: Okay now that I've brought Judal safely back home I can focus on that other important thing I have to do!
  • Hakuei: You're going to find and destroy Arba's true spiritual body so I can finally get out of this coma and have my body back?
  • Hakuryuu: I'm making my buddy's wedding invitations
  • Hakuei: But you said that was the only way to bring me back, don't you want to -
  • Hakuei:
  • Hakuei:
  • Hakuei: why is my life like this
Reasons why I'll forever be sad about Mitsuba's death

- Sougo not having the only person left of his legitimate family anymore

-seeing more of Sougo’s true nature around her

-Sougo saying “aneue”

-not seeing them get to do stuff together

- not getting to see her grow and develop as a character

-not getting to see her interact with Kondo and the others

-not being able to resolve the tension between toushi and her

-not being able to meet Kagura and the other gintaladies

-Kagura not being able to look up to another gintalady

-Kagura not being able to hug her like she does almost all the gintaladies

-not being able to see how she reacts when someone threatens the people she loves

-not being able to see family time between her and Sougo


said: Oh gosh, your handwriting and little sketches are so darn pretty!! >///<

Thank you, darling! Altough, it’s not that pretty, especially when I’m writing fast… You don’t want to see my notes I take in classes… So ugly… I wrote this at a lazy pace so it won’t look that bad… And the sketches… Gosh… *hides face* Thank you, it’s nothing much but I’m glad you like them. (◕‿◕✿)


said: Ahh, that drawing is so cute!! You’re so talented!

I’m glad you like it, and thank you, BUT I’M NOTHING GREAT, really, but still thank you so much, oh my God- *blushes*


said: Handwriting so pretty… mine is just… it always changes. Lol

Handwriting is not that bad now because I was writing this slowly, handwriting is ugly if I’m writing fast. And yours is very lovely, darling. And it’s not a problem if it’s changes. Actually, I would love to change my style, but I can’t, haha.

talesofsaku replied to your post: are there even people who skip the openings of…

.. I would hope not. I never do. Sometimes I’ll just let it loop. PURE AWESOME.

aneue replied to your post: are there even people who skip the openings of…

not rly, whenever i play tales of xillia, i have to load up my different games just to watch both openings at least 5 times before i play….

I KNOW RIGHT I always loop everything and you have to watch both the Jude version and the Milla version of Xillia’s op before you play or you’ll die. Or at least I’ll die.

ryuumasken replied to your post: are there even people who skip the openings of…

i do

aniki you are a horrible person and no one loves you finish watching utapri you can watch inuboku or penguindrum instead when wakfu comes out of beta