Plan consists of a ten photographic compositions which are an extremely detailed representation of ten private apartments. All of them were photographed as if the ceilings had been taken off. Such an unusual effect was achieved trough the use of a special technique: the overall picture of a room is an aggregate of dozens fragmentary photographs taken from above and then merged using a computer (Photography, new ways of looking; Enrique Bordes).

Plan es una serie de diez trabajos que representan de manera muy detallada diez apartamentos privados. Todos ellos han sido fotografiados como si la cubierta no estuviera. Este efecto se consiguió a través de una técnica especial: la imagen de conjunto de una habitación es en realidad la suma de docenas de fotografías unidas después mediante ordenador (Fotografía, nuevas maneras de mirar; Enrique Bordes).


Aneta Grzeszykowska and Jan Smaga: PLAN

Plan is one of the most significant contemporary art projects to emerge from Poland. Over the course of two years, Aneta Grzeszykowska and Jan Smaga created a series of ten highly unusual photographic prints: each piece documents the entirety of an apartment, including its occupants, from a normally unavailable perspective — from above. Hundreds of individual photographs are processed and merged using computers to produce the finished piece. In his essay on Grzeszykowska and Smaga’s work, Marek Krajewski marvels at the “perfection, continuity, and completeness of representation — unimaginable in traditional photography.”

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The clinical detachment that seems, at first glance, to characterize the Plan series gives way to a fascinating sociological study of human domestic life. The viewer becomes not only a voyeur, but also an anthropologist, making new discoveries within each image the more it is studied from above. The dizzying complexity of daily existence is exposed, allowing us to recognize what we have in common, but also what makes us unique. Ultimately, this “X-ray of privacy” is “a simple story about life, which consists of an infinite amount of elements and details, as well as the sheer pleasure of perceiving them.”
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Aneta Grzeszykowska and Jan Smaga were born in 1974 and graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. They both live and work in Warsaw, Poland.