Class Advisers: Byron and Nichole - 30

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Hi Class! I’d be one of your advisers for this year’s Tumblr University Meetup. 

My name is Byron Fill and I’m taking up BS Civil Engineering at the University of the Philippines Diliman. I love meeting new people and making new friends. I enjoy watching movies (and making reviews out of them), series and anime. I also read some manga. I fancy eating, a lot, which explains my current body mass. I guess, that’s about it and I hope to get to know you all soon.

I’d be posting some “assignments” and/or “lectures” every now and then so please make sure to tag, #tumu5. It’s not compulsory to do them, but I’d be glad if you would join the fun. Until then, you may reach me through here

Introductory assignment:

Kindly TA me your name, nickname, birthday, title of blog, and your answer to this question, “ how do you characterize your blog?” :) This would be worth 10 points.

Oh, btw, did I mention that whoever gets the highest points until the meetup would win a prize? Have fun class!