Nia Teppelin for anenglishgentleman
America Chavez for snakegrin
Loki for calling-on-lost-creatures
Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock) for cinnamon-butts

calling-on-lost-creatures and cinnamon-butts appear to have become the lucky recipients of the rare and highly dangerous 2x LOKI-SHERLOCK COMBO! I’m trying to not draw the same character more than once, at least at this point, so unless things change you two will be the only ones to get these guys drawn. Feel special maybe.

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…Hello, Professor.

[As usual, seeing the Professor elicits an emotion that’s… difficult to describe. Of course, Flora isn’t making the mistake of believing this to be her Professor- after all, the odds are astronomical- but still, just the face provokes a reaction. And not a good one.]

anenglishgentleman asked:

Hi there! Can I ask where that picture of Takane, Kido's sister and the Kisaragi's mother came from? Is that an official thing? I really hope that's an official thing.

I have put the link (it’s apparently a someone tweet in korean) & I think that Shidu official art book or another kagepro art book???