The 100 Funniest Words in the English Language

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As serious logophiles, we have a fascination for words. We love beautiful, untranslatable, rare, dead and of course funny words with amazing meanings! Did you know that there is actually a word for the fear of running out of material to read? Don’t believe us, check out this list with over 100 words!

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human +frog=baby frog (by saf08081


Frog baby (Anencephalic) =O

I’d be terrified if this came out of mee!!!

I’m getting way too angry with people calling Amelia Shepherd childish. GO WATCH PRIVATE PRACTICE.
Honestly it is so devastating seeing her talk about how she saw her dad murdered when she was merely five years old. In her teen years she found drugs and eventually died for 3 minutes before being resuscitated.
Then her best friend asks her to assist her suicide due to an awful disease and after it falls threw the first time, Michelle then tries again and succeeds by herself.
Then Amelia relapses, and loses the man she loves. She admits he is her first true love.
Shortly after her recovery she finds out she is pregnant, a baby she shares with this man she has so recently lost, to then discover he is anencephalic baby.
She carries on with the pregnancy and brings the baby to term, gives birth without drugs and he lives for 43 minutes before she has to say goodbye and donates each of his organs for other dying babies.
After getting through all of this she loses her brother without being able to say goodbye. In a sense she also has lost Mark too as he was a close family friend.
Each of this incidences are enough for a fair amount of therapy, and she struggles with sobriety everyday. Yes when she is upset she digs her heels in, she hits nerves but she doesn’t fully mean any of these things she says. I guess I have a thing for fictional mess ups, and I just want to protect Amelia at all costs.

I think I have these rants too often.