i love you

your skin is holy, darling

I tremble in it’s presence

lilac summit, eclipse against me

divine human coalescence.

and as you come home,

you glow; radiate life force.

convulsing figures,

translate my body from morse.

as I breathe I release all of me

exhale, I claim each godly particle.

evermore warriors against time;

painting every word, counting each follicle. 

I swear I will lay forever with you;

will never stray from these clouds of gossamer.

run with me baby, run and come see

the beauty of life without anemometer.


james corner field operation’s tongva park.  santa monica, calif.

this art installation is called “weather field no.1″ by spanish artist iñigo manglano-ovalle.  at the top of these poles, wind vanes and anemometers flap happily in the wind, don’t know if the gauges collect actual wind data, perhaps.

nikon fm2, nikkor 24/2.8 ai-s, expired kodak gold 400.

Weather Words

accumulation advisory air air mass air pollution air pressure almanac altocumulus altostratus anemometer atmosphere atmospheric pressure aurora  autumn avalanche balmy barometer barometric pressure Beaufort  wind scale biosphere black ice blizzard blustery breeze calm cell chinook wind cirriform cirrus climate climatology cloud cloud bank cloudburst cloudy cold cold  ront cold snap cold wave compass condensation contrail convergence cumuliform cumulonimbus cumulus current cyclone cyclonic flow degree depression dew dew point disturbance doldrums downburst downdraft downpour downwind drift drifting snow drizzle drought dry dust devil duststorm earthlight easterlies eddy EF-scale El Niño emergency radio evaporation eye eye wall fair fall feeder bands firewhirl flash flood flood flood  stage flurry fog fog bank forecast freeze freezing rain front frost Fujita scale funnel cloud gale global warming graupel greenhouse effect ground fog gully  asher gust gustnado haboob hail halo haze heat heat index heat wave high humid humidity hurricane hurricane season hydrologic cycle hydrology hydrometerhydrosphere hygrometer ice ice age ice crystals ice pellets ice  storm icicle inversion isobar isotherm jet stream Kelvin knot ake effect land breeze landfall landspout leeward lightning low low clouds low pressure  system macroburst mammatus cloud meteorologist meteorology microburst mist mistral wind moisture monsoon muggy National Hurricane Center (NHC) National Weather Service (NWC) NEXRAD nimbus nimbostratus nor'easter normal nowcast orographic cloud outflow outlook overcast ozone parhelion partly cloudy permafrost pileus cloud polar polar front pollutant precipitation pressure prevailing wind radar radiation rain rainbands rainbow rain gauge rain shadow relative humidity ridge rope tornado sandstorm Santa Ana  wind scattered sea breeze shower sky sleet slush smog smoke snow snowfall snowflake snow flurry snow level snow line snow shower snowsquall snowstorm spring squall squall line stationary front steam St. Elmo’s fire storm storm surge storm tracks stratosphere stratocumulus stratus subtropical summer sun dog sun pillar sunrise sunset supercell surge swell   temperate temperature thaw thermal thermometer thunder thunderstorm tornado tornado alley trace triple point tropical tropical depression tropical disturbance tropical storm tropical wave Tropic of Cancer Tropic of  Capricorn troposphere trough turbulence twilight twister typhoon unstable updraft upwelling upwind vapor vapor trail visibility vortex wall cloud warm warningwatch water water cycle waterspout wave weather weather balloon weathering weather map weather satellite weathervane wedge westerlies whirlwind  whiteout wind wind chill wind chill factor wind shear windsock wind  vane winter zone