Zombie Playground

Independent video game concept by artist Jason Chan who has started a kickstarter campaign to get this in development. Here is the official pitch -

You take on the role of a kid during a zombie apocalypse as seen through his or her imagination.  Your school is overrun by the undead, and it’s up to you and your friends to do whatever it takes to survive!  

Zombie Playground is an online, team based, action arena game with RPG elements.  Gameplay will be deep, challenging, and rewarding.  The game combines childhood nostalgia with horrific monsters, visceral combat, and a unique atmosphere straight out of a child’s nightmares.  We do want to make it very clear: this is not a game for kids!

The mood we want to capture Zombie Playground is the feeling that you had as a child when you were completely immersed in your imagination fighting monsters, shooting guns, and doing things that you thought were cool from your favorite movies, comics, and video games.  For Zombie Playground, the setting is inspired from popular Zombie franchises and will take place in the local middle school.  We aim to deliver all of the horror and tension associated with zombie titles, but spiced up with some good old childhood nostalgia.  It can be easily explained in the following formula:

Goonies + Attack the Block + Walking Dead = Zombie Playground

This has incredible style and I would hope it would conjure up the cult status similar to the likes of Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 dead! Here is the Kickstarter link make it happen people


Functional NES Controller Coffee Table

The ultimate nerd coffee table both designed with form and function can actually be used to play NES Games. Made with maple, mahogany and walnut the table measures at 42" length x 18.25" width x 18" height.

Created by TheBohemianWorkben for $3700


Kojima Teases “Enders Project”

A sequel to Zone of the Enders is in early stages of development but, some new concepts for the upcoming title have surfaced. The sequel will be set during ancient times and be a direct sequel to Anubis. We suspect it will also be using the new Fox engine tech. No word on what console it will be appearing on.

October 25th - Zone of the Enders HD Collection releases in Japan. International release dates for the PS3/Xbox 360 mech game compilation have yet to be announced beyond “fall”.

Custom PokeNikes

Devaintart user Gohush hand painted these pokemon themed sneaks using acrylic paint. Featuring the starter pokemon and Pikachu, they actually standout pretty well with out being too flamboyant. I would sport them!


Being a nerd doesn’t mean you don’t have style

These lamps from Evil Robot Designs are the perfect balance of tying your room up and repping your nerd status to your house guest. EViL ED and Dan Robotic teamed up for these six new lamps that involve  Alien Nation, Heavy Metal, Forbidden Planet, Babes In Toyland, The Invasion and When Worlds Collide.


Syd Mead, Future (Perfect)

New York’s BravinLee Programs is featuring works from Syd Mead, legendary designer behind classic sci-fi films including Blade Runner, TRON, and Aliens. Rare work from the artist will be on display until June 30th. So if your a sci-fi or art nerd and you’re in the area check it out before it closes.

BravinLee Programs info:

526 West 26th Street #211, New York, NY 10001 tel 212 462 4404 fax 212 462 4406


The rare Pokemon of skateboard tricks in slow motion

Filmed at 1,000 frames per second with a Redlake N3 high speed camera. These skateboard tricks look way more awesome than your neighborhood kid doing a standard kickfilp. Now we need some ankle breaking videos in slow-mo.

Funky Notes for the music. This song is called Never Knew.


Garrus Vakarian on Castle!!!!