ane mephisto

My fan art of Amaimon & Behemoth from Ao no Exorcist. 

Traditional mediums, paper and ink. It’s not even a scan, it’s a fucking picture I took with my phone, so I feel like it looks a bit different than the original

Amaimon is playing video games in his bother’s mansion. You can’t really tell, but whatever. It was supposed to be just Behemoth originally, Amaimon kinda just happened to be drawn along the way.   

That reminds me, there is an easter egg hidden in this drawing from a different fandom (Hint: It’s not anime) So who ever finds it first gets a request drawing.  Anything you want to within the real of ethically and morally acceptable. Although, you could argue that ethics and morals are subjective…You know what I mean! ;)

How Rin Would React if his S/O had a Perverted Side! (NSFW?)

  • “HUH?!”
  • “Since when are you down for this stuff babe?!”
  • “I didn’t know you were such a pervert baby~”
  • SO MUCH dirty talk from that point on 
  • even if ya’ll ain’t even in the bedroom - he’ll still spout nonsense cause he knows you down
  • lovingly calls you his little pervert~ <3 
  • thinks its so flippin sexy to be qh 
  • is braver about approaching bedroom things now, cause he figures you’d give most of them a try
  • bonus points if you look sweet and cute and innocent but is actually a freak

How Yukio Would React if his S/O had a Perverted Side! (NSFW?)

  • stares at you for a long time
  • reevaluates his life
  • remembers everything ya’ll ever talked about and pieces together so much
  • looks off into the distance like he’s on The Office
  • lotta silence
  • he’s reeling 
  • never speaks of it again

How Mephisto Would React if his S/O had a Perverted Side! (NSFW?)

  • Mephisto processing…3…2…1!
  • jolts out of his seat he’s so excited 
  • starts yelling different bedroom suggestions to see which ones you are actually into 
  • and when he realizes you’re into most of them???
  • omfg
  • he drops to the floor
  • asks if ya’ll can watch hentai together too 
  • he thinks its so funny tho