Today :3

And my day was pretty great, big thanks to my lovely loves Sandra and Cris :3 you guys are awesome! You sweethearts surprised me at school with tacos, I was happy and so was my tummy. I think you guys are the only ones who would do that for me… sadly not even my sister -____-. Anyways, i love you too so very much, you guys don’t understand how happy i am to have you guys in thy life. Without you two, life would be boring as shit. Sandra, you and i have to catch up, i miss being able to hug you everyday, i even miss your creepyness :3 haha. I miss always seeing you at my house, and our Piggy Back Ride Adventure of Angie and Sandy. It was trippy, yesterday i was thinking about you cause i was going through pictures then an hour later you texted me. :D . CriCri! ah! i’ve been seeing you more which is good, but i havent gotten enough D:< haha we must hang out ( Dance Central Party with Sandy!) But yea, thank you guys for everything you creepers do for me, i love you guys!