pete wentz, talking vs. writing

talking –
interviewer: how old are you

pete: haha yeah that’s cool haha absolutely art is all about interpretation

writing –
pete: *goes to bed later than 11 one time*


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I never noticed how mean and rude Morgan is to Mars. Everyone has someone to love except Andy. Where is his true love?

Morgan can’t live without flirt, and he always tries to flirt with someone, except his spouse Mars.

Andy has no girlfriend in TS4, but had a wife in TS3 =)

Top 10 Ways To Break Up With Your Girlfriend

Top 10 Ways To Break Up With Your Girlfriend

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Top 10 Ways To Break Up With Your Girlfriend Here you find a video about breaking up with your girlfriend 10 Ways to tell your girlfriend, it’s over. ● Facebook | ● Google+ | ● Twitter | How to break up with your girlfriend how to break up with your girlfriend nicely…

So I wore my DBZ Jacket out to the store with my girlfriend because I wear it everywhere. It’s comfortable. And, this boy at the register was all “Cool jacket” and I’m like “Oh thanks. I’m a total dbz nerd” and I guess, he wasn’t big with dbz because then he was all talking about the Cloud pin @thatdapperbastard sent me, and I’m just”yup”.

walking away my girlfriend is goes “He totally thought you were cute.”

Me, being completely serious because I’m the type of person that goes COOL JACKET!!!! OH MAN!!!! NICE STUFF YOU’RE WEARING!! without thinking people are cute and stuff or whatever, or thinking they think I’m cute when they compliment my stuff: What? Noo.


I wanted to make one of those fall out boy lyric meme posts but I looked it up and those were actually the lyrics

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine': Andy Samberg Drags Melissa Fumero to Meet Mom Katey Sagal (Exclusive Video)

Don’t ever spring charades on Amy Santiago.

On tonight’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” Det. Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) brings girlfriend Det. Santiago (Melissa Fumero) home to meet his mom, played by guest star Katey Sagal. But a surprise appearance by his dad, guest star Bradley Whitford, throws a wrench in Jake’s birthday plans.

As if that wasn’t enough stress to begin with, Amy was not ready to play the popular dinner party game

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As any fan of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” knows, she’s always over-prepared — in a clip exclusive to TheWrap, Santiago tells Peralta she took a Toastmasters class to ready herself for the big night. So, that’s the kind of person she is.

Watch the video above.

Back on the job, Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) and Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) struggle with a new mandate regarding body cams while on a stakeout with Terry (Terry Crews), and Gina (Chelsea Peretti) forgets to inform the precinct about an important plan of Holt’s (Andre Braugher).

The “Karen Peralta” episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” airs tonight at 9:30 p.m. ET on Fox.

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I don't dislike Juliet but I dislike how much attention she gets just from being Andy's girlfriend. She always pops up frequently in the BVB tag and no one seems to care that tag is for BVB not their girlfriends. Sammi Doll and Ella Cole never got this much attention, it's only because she's Andy's girlfriend and he's the lead singer. It shows people only really care about Andy's life and what he gets up to. :/

That’s definitely correct. Juliet and scout get the most attention when it comes to BVB fans which isn’t right. Jinxx and Sammi were married and Jake and Ella were engaged yet that never seemed to matter to the BVB fandom only, omg when is Andy and Juliet going to get married or have kids. You never hear it about any of the other band members other halves which is wrong. Juliet doesn’t even try and stop the fans though which makes it even worse. -L

so I’m watching that episode of the office where erin gets trashed at the christmas party because andy brought his new girlfriend and honestly that is so so so me

Sexuality of Robert Sugden

How is it that everyone seems so adamant that Robert has to be bisexual and absolutely not gay? It’s like every time someone even mentions the word gay a riot starts which I really don’t get. Because the thing is we have no idea if he’s gay or bi at all! Only Robert knows that, and until recently he himself wasn’t even aware of which it was. But I do believe he is on a path to discovering himself and accepting just who he is, whether that be gay or bi.

I know about his background as a womanizer and a cheat but I have also found out that he was bullied for not having a girlfriend (by Andy!) which made him sleep with Nicola and thus loosing his virginity after his sixteenth birthday.

So my conclusion is that I don’t believe anyone can say that Robert is gay or bi at all.

In Our Nature: When Brooklynite Seth takes his girlfriend Andie to his family’s weekend house in upstate New York for a romantic getaway, they are unexpectedly joined by Seth’s estranged father, Gil, and his new girlfriend, Vicky. The women negotiate emotional minefields to persuade father and son to share the house for the first time since summer vacations of Seth’s childhood. Unspoken grudges slowly surface during a weekend of vegan dinners, spilt maple syrup, and encounters with the great outdoors. While relationships old and new are tested, the group discovers that bonds of family come in unexpected forms. From the producers of MEEK’S CUTOFF and WENDY AND LUCY, IN OUR NATURE is an earnest, carefully observed portrait of our closest relationships.


I was in the bathrooms and they ran out of soap, so I used hand sanitizer then rinsed my hands, and some girl washing her hands next to me did some little snarl.
And then a 9th grader came in and said “hey you’re andre/andy’s girlfriend, right? ”
And the girl said yeah.

I’m pretty sure they said andre; but either way I didn’t really react and just kinda accepted it for whatever it’ll be.

Who wears pink pajama pants to school? That’s messy.

Now in class…

Gave a girl a waterfall from my water and she said “thanks! I love you!” Okay den. Glad I helped out.

During lunch, Daniel got kicked out by saying a gross remark about Gumora, involving “bathrooms” and “fingers”. And for repeatedly insulting Kenny and Sadie. Ivonne wasn’t having that. XD.

I interrupted Daniel’s rants and arguments with the other students and teachers by saying “hey are you going to the dance this year or are you gonna get stood up again?” And everyone went “ooooooh”. (I’m hitting people HARD with the roasts today. It feels good to be supportive and helpful while being able to be free and mean!)


Kenny is getting kicked out for attacking people again.
The security guard just walked in.
Ivonne: “kenny, you have a date~”
Kenny: “Oh yEAh??! WHO eees it?”

I get the feeling Kenny is abused, and he uses video games to get an escape from reality.

That poor kid, he can’t control his urges.

And James called Sadie a “thing”, an “it”, and “The Centaur from Fallout 3”. (I guess he’s right since she’s so sick, but oh god, that’s just so rude.)

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Idk if you saw it- but theres a picture now of Juliets K! article (like always with K! articles y'know) but the quote that they chose to put on her picture was something like 'it's a God-send to have someone like Andy, someone I can learn from.' like there is 0 problem with the quote itself, but the fact /that/ of all the article is what they chose as the quote to stick out. It really looks like they're diluting her to 'Andys girlfriend who sings' instead of 'Juliet Simms'. It's so irritating.

Pretty much, they aren’t giving her her own spotlight when she deserves. -C