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anonymous asked:

doctormodel, chylerleigh, andymcnallyy, lanaparrillas, fridagold, addisonsanatomy, how-we-operate

My ot8 i love them!!!!!!

doctormodel- my teddy bear, i absolutely adore steph! she is both intelligent and beautiful!

chylerleigh- my tortoise, omg vicky can always make me laugh! she is amazing!

andymcnallyy- my katie bear, i love love love tree she is one of the nicest and sweetest people i’ve ever met! she is perfect!

lanaparrillas- i adore maggie! i love our ga convos

fridagold- jacky is crazy and always makes me smile!

addisonsanatomy,  emily is awesome and very sweet!

how-we-operate, i love fifi, she is so kind and sweet! she has the best dance moves and my little cousin think she is a flowertot!