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anonymous asked:

doctormodel, chylerleigh, andymcnallyy, lanaparrillas, fridagold, addisonsanatomy, how-we-operate

My ot8 i love them!!!!!!

doctormodel- my teddy bear, i absolutely adore steph! she is both intelligent and beautiful!

chylerleigh- my tortoise, omg vicky can always make me laugh! she is amazing!

andymcnallyy- my katie bear, i love love love tree she is one of the nicest and sweetest people i’ve ever met! she is perfect!

lanaparrillas- i adore maggie! i love our ga convos

fridagold- jacky is crazy and always makes me smile!

addisonsanatomy,  emily is awesome and very sweet!

how-we-operate, i love fifi, she is so kind and sweet! she has the best dance moves and my little cousin think she is a flowertot!

andymcnallyy replied to your post: asdfghjkl

lkahsdflkjasdf steph i am so proud :3 i knew you’d do well bb <3 (i actually feel like a proud big sister or something right now omg i’m so weird!)

thank you bb ;_; and for believing in me asdfghjkl

i actually remember dying to pee during the test, and when i finished i like rushed out, and was like ‘WHERE IS THE BATHROOM’ and then they gave me my score sheet and i didnt even look at it before i went to pee because i was afraid they’d be bad and i’d freeze and just stare at them and end up pissing myself #truestory

cordeliiaschase asked:

Congratulations. You won the 7th place prize on my doctor who giveaway!! :D And i would now be like, send me your address blah blah but i already have it hehe woooo :D

omg yay! i’ve never won one of these before! asdfghjkjhgf! thank you!!!

andymcnallyy replied to your post: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO STEPPPPPPHHHHH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM TREEEEE (see what i did there ;)) love youuu sweetpea, i hope you have a wonderfuuuul day

asjdhksajd ahhhh i love you more babyyy, i know they were only something small but yeaaah :3 and omgosh you dooon’t have to get me anything bb!!! <3

not possible!! and no, they were beautiful ;_; yes i do omg i have had no money for so long but now i have some i can’t think of anything better to spend it on!! ;3

tracinash replied to your post: good morning and happy birthday steph, have some…

hhahaha i had the same problem on my birthday a month ago woohoo…

augh it sucks

i also have work experience at the hospital all week ;_; oh well, my mum did a run to the store for my painkillers