Want you more than A - Tłumaczenie Larry Fanfiction - ROZDZIAŁ 5

Autor: TheCellarDoor

Tłumacz: Karmelka

Beta: nie ma więc mamy jedno wielkie it is what it is

Tytuł i link do oryginału: Want you more than A (Pragnę cie bardziej niż piątki)

Zgoda: jest :3

Paring: Larry (Louis & Harry)

Ilość rozdziałów: 15

Ilość słów (wersja ang): ~78tys

Opis: Już samo zakochanie się w przyjacielu swojego przyrodniego brata jest wystarczającą katastrofą. A kiedy okazuje się, że jest on uwielbiany przez wszystkich, a ty jesteś nerdem noszącym swetry i płaczącym podczas komedii romantycznych, staje się to katastrofą do kwadratu.

Od tłumaczki: myślę, że treść tego rozdziału może Wam się spodobać…

Ilość słów (ang | pl) : 4275 | 3442

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Shinhwa Changjo!

All - Hello, we are Shinhwa!
M - Finally we’re recruiting for the 10th wave of our official fanclub ‘Shinhwa Changjo’!
D - We’ve been recruiting since January 9th.
M - Congratulations.
H - How long has it been since the last wave?
All - 6~7 years?
D - We should congratulate ourselves too.
M - Those seven years went by so quickly.
J - I hope a lot of people come to join.
M - A lot of people have joined, and I even got a text message about it. I don’t know how she knows my number, but…
D - Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjo have been together since 1998, and I don’t know who came up with the name Shinhwa Changjo, but…
J - It’s cool.
H - It’s a great name.
J - The name 'Shinhwa’ is good, but 'Shinhwa Changjo’ is great too.
D - It wasn’t an easy name to think up at the time.
J - That’s right.
M - I think it would work great as a rallying chant for Korea.
D - I agree.
H - (Laughs)
D - We’ve been active all this time without an official fanclub, so it was more difficult for you to support us and we were sad to see that too, but now we’re happy that it’s recruiting again. I hope you become more active. (Laughs)
H - We’ll be recruiting members until January 30th.
J - It’s closing soon.
H - If you haven’t joined yet, I think it would be great to do so.
M - What? Andy’s getting married? (※Teasing because pronunciation is similar to '12th album’)
A - No! Shinhwa will soon be returning with its '12th album’, so we hope you stay with us.
M - I hope the members of our 10th official fanclub join us closely for another great round of promotions.
D - It’s coming up soon! What’s coming up soon?
M - It’s coming up soon!
A - Our comeback!
M - Yes, our comeback’s coming up soon, but…
D - Soon it’ll be our youngest member Andy’s birthday!
All - (Sings Happy Birthday)
A - Oh~! So that’s why &*&%*^(*! Thank you!
M - It’s going to be Andy’s birthday, so a word, please.
A - Yes, thank you for the happy birthday-
H - Our youngest member is… thirty-five!
J - No, don’t mention his age!
A - No~ Don’t do that~
H - He’s supposed to be our youngest member, but…!!
J - Age is only a number.
A - Thank you!
H - Our youngest member is thirty-five…
M - Thirty-five! (In English)
H - Three-five-Andy
M - Thank them sincerely now.
A - Yes, sincerely thank you for the birthday wishes. I hope you’re looking forward to our great comeback.
J - We’ll be back with a great album, so please wait a little while longer. We’ll work hard for our 12th album. Please wait just a little while longer. This has been~
All - Shinhwa! (Sings Happy Birthday)
H - Thirty-five! Thirty-five! Thirty-five!)

Source: Shinhwa Official Twitter, YouTube