andyisasexydinosaur replied to your post: omg i think it’s official that i’m transferring to…

if you do go to ism I demand you come to brent for food fest QAQ PLEASE

apparently my dad's oh so rich and almighty friend has 2 sons who went there and they’re both in really good college’s now =3= ajkdfhsfk i shall come for food fest and join sports so i can come to brent to stalk you guys >:( but i dont like the people at ism OTL.

omg, my dad gonna die soon i’ll make suure of it, now my laptop has a huge crack going down the screen and the colours are fucked up and each time i move the cursor the screen flashes, lol laptop ded. oh and andy, everything on that laptop is in a usb so all my things are safe ;A; ….but his mac won’t be safe for long.