thank you calum

i’ll be honest i’ve been waiting for my blog’s bday bc this is the first time im celebrating it so here i am making a follow forever bc this is the only way i know how to celebrate anything

even if we haven’t talked or if we haven’t talked a lot i love all your blogs and just idk thanks for making my dash what it is today and thanks for making me happy i guess idk im getting awkward now ily all (if ur not here pls dont feel bad ur in my heart and that counts) i wanted to make a hover text thingy with nice things to say but its too much work and i cant be bothered so just know that you’re all amazing and im in love with all of you we’re dating now idc 

special dweebs ♡

ofdropdead / malumsau / fratboyau /  vlifford / digitaldeceit / pupluke / monkeyzayn / ahtonirwn / arctichalo / lashtonofficial / holycliffords / almostdeadonarrival / handslikebutts / falloutdweebs / treegirls

favourite blogs ♡

tiedships / greendav / lukchemminqs​ / englishaffair / johnocallghans / malikcigs / ohemmoh / whathefuckluke / lukey / fronceschi / paxamgays

more dweebs ♡

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ultimate dweebs ♡

5sos-official (fuckin losers i hate u all)

so that’s basically it !! this is super short im sorry if i forgot you im so forgetful so im sorry but just know that i love you all the same pls omg again all of you guys are amazing so thanks for making my dash as equally amazing as all of you that’s it im getting awkward again so yeah idk ???? b ye??? ily???? ♡ ♡

Small update

What’s up followers? Few minor changes to my blog…
- New icon! My actual face with one of my best friends.

- More importantly, I’m actually starting to use Tumblr!

- I’m going to be playing with themes for a while, so if you have any tips or anything, please share them!

- Also, I’m queuing with the tag “What the f is a queue?” and going to be tracking a new tag (because my URL won’t work) so I’ll let you know.

Thanks everyone! :)


Emma are you online? I thought you might get a kick out of this lol. Here’s John and an old band he was in recording with Landon Tewers :P

andyglasslikesbutts  asked:

can I still do the crown thingy ily :*

yes you can ofc ily too 

  • my favourite thing about your blog is all the funny posts you have like your blog makes me so happy all i have to do when im sad is look at it and im just yea 
  • i mean idk lets put you in the wcar fanbase 
  • i love your url bc its obvious he likes butts (lou’s especially amirite)
  • yes i follow you and i always will bc your blog is the best bless you