Small update

What’s up followers? Few minor changes to my blog…
- New icon! My actual face with one of my best friends.

- More importantly, I’m actually starting to use Tumblr!

- I’m going to be playing with themes for a while, so if you have any tips or anything, please share them!

- Also, I’m queuing with the tag “What the f is a queue?” and going to be tracking a new tag (because my URL won’t work) so I’ll let you know.

Thanks everyone! :)


Emma are you online? I thought you might get a kick out of this lol. Here’s John and an old band he was in recording with Landon Tewers :P

andyglasslikesbutts  asked:

can I still do the crown thingy ily :*

yes you can ofc ily too 

  • my favourite thing about your blog is all the funny posts you have like your blog makes me so happy all i have to do when im sad is look at it and im just yea 
  • i mean idk lets put you in the wcar fanbase 
  • i love your url bc its obvious he likes butts (lou’s especially amirite)
  • yes i follow you and i always will bc your blog is the best bless you