shoutouts to my FAVORITE blogs

andyglasslikesbutts - omfg emma is so perfect i just cant put into words how great of a friend she is. she was my first person that i actually talked to on this site, and she’s basically my best tumblr friend, we can go days without talking to each other, but when we do get back to talking it’s like we never stopped! and she loves hollywood undead and she posts great things and i just love her so much<333

assistantt0theregionalmanager - oh oh susana<33 she is perf too, she’s helped me through a lot, and her URL and icon never fails to make me laugh. plus her love for the office and parks and rec makes her an even more amazing person. and she likes amazing music.

twerkahoelics - steph steph steph omg she is so hilarious and her obsession with adam from workaholics makes me smile i love her so much and her posts make my day and she’s just the best person everrR

pupbutt - ah ah she doesn’t follow me but mari is just the cutest person ever on this website and i wish i looked like her and omfg her and evan are just the cutest and the little waffles under her sidebar picture are the MOST ADORABLE THING I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE

claydols - when he started following me i literally squealed because he’s one of my favorite people on this site, i’m always liking his posts, even the ones he deletes 5 seconds after he posts them ahahah and once again, him and mari, ughH cutest couple i’ve ever seen in my life!! i think his and mari’s relationship makes everyone on this site jealous