can we just talk about the fact that Keith Haring didn’t just draw dogs and collages of people jumping. He was a strong advocate for normalizing sexuality throughout the 80s and revolutionized the expression of sex as well as brought attention the fight against aids. “the penis will once again be a penis, after it has been a phallus. Repetition, it could be said, destroys the despotic value of the signifier …”

  • Me:*looking at a pic of my fave band* I hate you
  • Me:*looking at a pic of my fave band* Where do you think you're going with *those* trousers?
  • Me:*looking at a pic of my fave band* Can you just shut up? #annoying
  • People around me:Um? I thought you liked them?
  • Me:No, I hate them.
  • People around me:Yeah... They *are* kinda lame tbh...
  • Me:W HAT? WhAT TEH FUCK?? WHO INVITED YOU? WHy are yuo here?? You disrespect my band... you fucking come here and disrespe- leave, leave my house... .. . ... never return..........
  • People around me:???