Hirose Tomoki 110916 Ameblo (extract)

Osaka! Thank you! (^O^)

With the members from today’s (talk show)!
The number of members have increased since the event for (Daiya no Ace THE LIVE) 1 haven’t they!


Fast forward time…
On the bullet train back, when I came back from the toilet there was a meat bun on top of my table…… (;▽;)ノ


He bought everybody’s share~ Wonderful (^O^)

But but when I was playing love live, “you’re play~ing that aga~in” he said to me but ever since then, Takuma has been attacking castles the whooooooole time, seriously!

Well but thank you for feeding me ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ (T/N: the word he used is actually in the context of how humans feed food to animals)

I took a photo of Suparu ( ´ ▽ ` )
Suparu purposely dyed his hair again for this event ( ´ ▽ ` ) You’re pretty good~!

This family head gives off the feel of a policeman from the west (laughs).

This photo gives of an indecent (fan) service feel….. and

Yes yes yeeeeees

TOP MEDIA’s Twitter Update:

Lucky Andy! He’s cool even on April Fools. Have an Andyful day & cont. Andying on April Fools too. Premieres on ¼/17! #NotLucky_ButAndy

On poster: “Fresh Kiwi Prince ANDY”
“Premieres on April 1”
“Andy, Lee Sunho, Kiwi Prince”
“Director: An-jumma”

Cr: English Translation by hearts_shinhwa


playing with washi tapes *✧

If you haven’t noticed, yes. I love Tower of God so much.
I’m so desperate to find a fellow fangirl ;v;
I’ve had so many doodles of them together and



attraction is strange

we spend our lives analysing

why we feel how we feel

but rarely come up with anything other than a garbled explanation;

nothing more than pointless drivel

used to fill up this small imperfection in our otherwise explainable existence

yes, you are beautiful and

yes, i adore every part of you

but i am in love with your mind,

the inner workings of the most complex thing known to man

your face is as divine as a flower

but sweetheart,

the complicated system of roots beneath the surface are what draw me in

for they make up the real you

past the mortal cage of skin and bone;

this is who i breathe in every day

beauty, in its traditional sense, is seasonal

it fades, we grow old, withering under the inescapable grip of time

i need someone who i can talk to

really talk, not just mindless chatter,

not a brain unable to make sense

i am no boy scout but i shouldn’t need a map to locate your point

hell, i’d be more turned on by the size of your bookshelf than the size of…well

i need someone who can think

and you do

thank the heavens

i am in love with your eyes

but more so with the things they have seen

intelligence dances behind your iris’

a spark reflecting inside the retinas

and that flicker,

it cannot be surgically implanted

there is no operation that can make you imagine, reflect, contemplate, ruminate

for it is the gift of free thought that is most attractive to me.

to simply exist is not enough

to contribute, to be able to envisage entire worlds

well, that trumps physicalities every time

we can all imitate beauty

knowledge is a far more precious commodity

- sapiosexual, brydie ❤︎


Masterpost: Eleanor Calder’s sneakers

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Down in Bronxy Bronx
The kids go sledding
Down snow-covered slopes, and
Frozen noses, frozen toes
The frozen city starts to glow, and
Yes, they know that it will pass
And, yes, they know New York will thaw, but
If you’re a friend of any sort
Then play along and catch a cold

so i’m writing and thinking a lot about draco and his upbringing and stuff and like

he’s pretty good at flying right?? he was pretty natural during the first flying lesson and probs the best on the slytherin team seeing as how they went way down hill after he left in sixth year

so like who taught him how to fly when he was a babe? lucius? maybe but he always seemed super stuffy to me and i just cant see him darting around on a broom. they could have hired someone sure but what about

what about narcissa? is there anything that says she’s a bad flyer? she could have totally been on the quidditch team and been super badass and feisty as a kid. imagine lucius at a game and she just whizzes by and he’s all, “she’s a black and she’s a boss on the field? done!”

and then they have draco and when he gets old enough they get him the best toy broom on the market and shes in the gardens all day teaching him to fly and

yes. yes. this is my new fave headcanon. [more here]

Carmilla Zero - Recap Five

Dang there was a lot goin’ on there, eh? Let’s do it up.

Right off, I noticed the title and thought “please let this be some horrific faerie and please let the big scary dean be terrified of it.” And it might be. AWESOME.

I feel ya. I don’t like talking to a lot of people either.

MeltdownMel is rambling and, well, having a meltdown. She wants to bail and hide out in her room and ignore the world because if BroodyMcBroodyPants is worried then there’s probably a good reason to be worried. Perry’s worried and also has new olfactory abilities, but is still kinda into it, while Carmilla is 900% done.

Carmilla is now 1000% done.

If the evil creepy shit is real then the non-evil and less-creepy shit is also real, yeah? ….yeah why not, ok sure Perry. Keep being positive and the universe will deliver.
(SIdenote: so Perry has the Wicca phase and tried to do a spell to keep LaF from bolting when they got to Silas. The Dean jumped into her body at the end of S1. Maybe there’s a bit ‘o magic ability there? Maybe that’s why the cave sprite sent them back there when they asked to go home - Perry’s spell DID work here, but instead of making it so LaF didn’t leave her, it made it so that Silas is now “home”. But maybe I’m wrong - it’s late and I’m tired).

BadCopCarm is having none of your hippie shit, Perry.

Carmilla, you have the subtlety of a herd of velociraptors chasing a stampede of elephants through a china shop. Also you’re really fuckin’ fidgety. Worried about Mommy’s well-being or more concerned about what Mumsy can do once she’s free?

MeltdownMel grows a set and tells Carmilla to play nice and if she can handle the groundbreaking and terrifying news that magic is real, Carmilla can help. That should be “help”. The laziest fucking vampire on the planet will half-ass it, I’m sure. Ah, yeah, there it is. The whipping of the sunglasses in the “get the fuck on with it” motion. Mel breaks it down: moon blood vanishing, harnessing the power of the cycle, dudes turn into critters and

YES. THANK YOU. FUCKING THANK YOU. A non-gendered identifying of period-havers. THANK YOU. Y’all get it even if UBK won’t even acknowledge that not all period-havers are ladies. Anyway. Moving on.

Oh, yeah, and there’s a BigBad heading back to campus for maybe a showdown with MamaDean? Or something. So TeamAwesome tries to figure out what it is.

Jfc you are 300+ years old. You’d think she would have learned how to lie and how to be the tiniest bit subtle. But no.

Right so it’s pointed out that donkeys are big in mythology. To the books!

AHAHA cute. If 666 is The Number of the Beast, can we make this one the Number of the Lazy-Ass Vampire?

Well she sounds like she’d be a delight to have at a party.

Calm your tits, Perry. She’s not a good fairy. She’s probably gonna fuck shit up in a massive way, despite how much you’re hoping that this is all just a miscommunication. But wait! She’s trapped in a bloodwood tree so maybe it’s not her. Which is not bad, because apparently if she gets free, she’s gonna turn the world into a fairy kingdom, which is a fancy way of saying KILL ALL THE HUMANS.

This was a solid episode. Good plot reveals/progression, hilarity, proof that Carmilla knows some nerd history with LoTR and great acting from these guys. They really went with the strongest/best cast members for this and I am ever so pleased about that.

Today on Carmilla: Perry Fucked Up.


Yeah Laura, it is.

It would have and you may have even been able to have a normal year of university. (Or not because ~Silas~). And yeah, Perry doing her best Mulder is a trip, eh? Wonder what happens to her…

oh. that’s what’s gonna happen. Though terrible is such a subjective term.

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ANDYE J IS ON GUAM! so come out and take class!

she has ONE open class so take advantage bro! its on friday(tomorrow) at the SKIP Entertainment Company Studio from 6-7:30.

gon be sick! yee! COME OUT BRO!