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Lucky Andy! He’s cool even on April Fools. Have an Andyful day & cont. Andying on April Fools too. Premieres on ¼/17! #NotLucky_ButAndy

On poster: “Fresh Kiwi Prince ANDY”
“Premieres on April 1”
“Andy, Lee Sunho, Kiwi Prince”
“Director: An-jumma”

Cr: English Translation by hearts_shinhwa

Hirose Tomoki 110916 Ameblo (extract)

Osaka! Thank you! (^O^)

With the members from today’s (talk show)!
The number of members have increased since the event for (Daiya no Ace THE LIVE) 1 haven’t they!


Fast forward time…
On the bullet train back, when I came back from the toilet there was a meat bun on top of my table…… (;▽;)ノ


He bought everybody’s share~ Wonderful (^O^)

But but when I was playing love live, “you’re play~ing that aga~in” he said to me but ever since then, Takuma has been attacking castles the whooooooole time, seriously!

Well but thank you for feeding me ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ (T/N: the word he used is actually in the context of how humans feed food to animals)

I took a photo of Suparu ( ´ ▽ ` )
Suparu purposely dyed his hair again for this event ( ´ ▽ ` ) You’re pretty good~!

This family head gives off the feel of a policeman from the west (laughs).

This photo gives of an indecent (fan) service feel….. and

Yes yes yeeeeees


Masterpost: Eleanor Calder’s sneakers

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A Mystery Skulls Evaluation By An Amateur Tumblrist.

Let’s start at the beginning shall we.

(AndYes I do mean the very Beginning)

Our story starts with an amazing song and a couple friends riding in a van kinda Scooby Doo-ish

We are introduced to these lovely well designed cartoon characters whose names are (From left to right) Vivi Mystery and Arthur who actually seem to enjoy each other’s company all smiles.

They roll up to this spooky mansion and the adventure begins.

Now I know it’s been like two years since the first release of this amazing story. And I’m pretty sure we’re all caught up but look at the picture. This should tell you right here. Somebody’s happy to be here.  The other a tad bit worried. And poor arty looks depressed regretful even. We know the story right?



This is Lewis’s story but why on earth do I feel so bad for Arthur.  I mean some unspeakable things happened in a cave which resulted in this.



And Yeesh

Oh My Gawd. See what I mean things went south for this makeshift Scooby Doo team. I mean Fred (Lewis)  died. And where the hell is Velma? or Daphne. I’m still unsure of who Vivi represents.

But Anyhoe. Lewis makes this mansion to find the love of his life

And he almost had her but because Arthur was such a scaredy cat he pulled Vivi away causing nothing but heartbreak for these Starbucks Lovers.

Aww Poor Baby.

Anyslut. This was a four minute video which basically set up the emotion and fandomonium for a Television Series. I mean is the creator of this cartoon just a fan of Mystery Skulls the band or is he a part of the group.

I don’t know. But.

This wasn’t the end and deep down I knew that.

My take from this Tale of heartbreak death envy and kitsunes is

Vivi and Lewis loved each other.

Was Arthur Jealous. ( Whether he was jealous of Vivi or Lewis who knows because nowadays you can just assume somebody’s straight right away.  I mean he could’ve killed Lewis because if I can’t have you nobody can. Or he could’ve killed Lewis because he’s the only thing standing in the way of him and Vivi) I do know that whatever possessed Arthur only wanted to possess Arthur because hello he’s the only one showing feelings in this photo.

It’s okay baby. I still think ur beautiful.

And what happened to Vivi some said her memory was wiped by Lewis. Other say Mystery did it. I speculate that maybe it happened unintentionally and for the integrity of the team. This doesn’t look like a mystery team who just lost a member.

They seem pretty happy right?

And What is up with Mystery he bit Arthur’s arm off I kinda wanna know what happened to his arm did Mystery eat it and bury the bones for later. I mean he is a dog/fox creature.

Mystery Skulls Ghost is an enchanting story and I didn’t think it could get any better

Oh fucking hot cakes and sausages what is this.

Yes Part Twah and I’m about to bust this case wide open with this Analysis.

What the fuck is that.

No wait what the fuck is that?

Is that the arm. Not just the arm but Arthur’s Arm the one Mystery Ate and buried. It’s Sentient. Ooooooh Shiiiet. I’m gonna enjoy this. What does this mean what is it doing? What is it looking for. Is it looking for Arthur. Oh my gawd so many Quackadoos.  Let’s toon in.

So this happened. She’s not familiar at all. I like her bandages and stuff she’s pretty pawpin. But what is she doing in the cave and yes I mean.

This cave.

Beware Something wicked this way comes.

Now I posted this photo again because this should explain why this happened.

His (Lewis) Body is still down there.  Clearly this she-bitch was trying to get something else but. I guess the essence of dead Lewis was enough for her to get what she needed.

Is this what she needed. Nope it’s just the sad heart from Ghost. And is it me or has Lewis gotten Hawter I mean look at this. Death never looked so good.

You can thank me later for the screenshot I know how tumblr likes to get nasty.

Anyways this bisquick mix decide to stick her hands in other people’s business.

And by stick I mean pick and by pick I mean girls gon gardening pulling out some lovely begonias and sunflowers. And if you thought those colors were familiar let me shed some light on this.

What is with Shiromori. Uhhh ermm I mean Bonsai Watch. She has these flower powers digging up dirty secrets and what for. That rose she made that died earlier.

Oh. So she wants. Mystery. Wait let me get this straight she blows flowers and the petals lead you to the person or spirit. Got it. (we need this for later.)

Euughck she is one conniving bush.  She is clearly gonna be an antagonist or somethings. Who knows.

Well he might. And boy is my boy pissed. I done told that dandelion to stay away from my begonias.

Me so sorry Master Lewis I no mean to harm you me take roses and go.

Yeah not today you bean sprout. Look at this. Lewis is mad not only because his love is missing again but this gardener is out here spilling tea. I knew she’d get what was coming to her.

She literally lost her head.  Now it makes me wonder if Mystery Skulls should use music from The Bloody Beetroots instead.

So Lewis retrieved his heart but makes me wonder is he only looking for love or is revenge also an option.

Heh heh heh uhhhhh….

Oh yeah so the Gardener was fired and went on her search to find the Kitsune.  Umm but our story didn’t end here.

It’s My beautiful bubbly buddy Arty. And it looks like he’s been losing sleep I said this before but I’ll say it again. I know this is Lewis’s story but look at this guy.

He’s really going through the motions. Makes me wonder if those smiles they had in the beginning was all just for show.

And….Is Arthur looking for Lewis. Man this is kinda sad. I mean if Arthur is an innocent bystander in this than who can I be mad at.

Oh okay I think I’ve got the idea. What the hell is Mystery doing. These pictures are very important because. The image on the computer starts disappearing and it seems like Vivi’s to blame but it’s Mystery that gets all Shady eyed and growlish. I think this Kitsune maybe hiding some deep deep secrets. Damn where’s The Gardener when you need the tea.

Now I really have some mixed feelings about Mystery (Ben) what the hell you scaring my baby like that for.

Oh shit he’s gone full Kira Yukimura on these bitches. What the actual hell is going on here.

Was it a flashback a hallucination or something. No I believe that Arty is so sleep deprived he’s starting to see the truth. The way Mystery looked at him seemed more like oh shit he can see my true form. You do know kitsunes choose their forms. So if one can come back as a human. Why not a dog.

Vivi wakes up and Oh look Scappy Doo is back to his old self again.

Telling lies and keeping secrets. You mangy mutt.

Lewis has those petals from the flower the Gardener left. And remember what I said about that.

Awwwww Yeah. Looks like somebody’s gonna get their true love and maybe some revenge too.

Until then I’ll be waiting a few more years until Mystery Skulls drops another single the creator of this show really likes.  


Down in Bronxy Bronx
The kids go sledding
Down snow-covered slopes, and
Frozen noses, frozen toes
The frozen city starts to glow, and
Yes, they know that it will pass
And, yes, they know New York will thaw, but
If you’re a friend of any sort
Then play along and catch a cold

so i’m writing and thinking a lot about draco and his upbringing and stuff and like

he’s pretty good at flying right?? he was pretty natural during the first flying lesson and probs the best on the slytherin team seeing as how they went way down hill after he left in sixth year

so like who taught him how to fly when he was a babe? lucius? maybe but he always seemed super stuffy to me and i just cant see him darting around on a broom. they could have hired someone sure but what about

what about narcissa? is there anything that says she’s a bad flyer? she could have totally been on the quidditch team and been super badass and feisty as a kid. imagine lucius at a game and she just whizzes by and he’s all, “she’s a black and she’s a boss on the field? done!”

and then they have draco and when he gets old enough they get him the best toy broom on the market and shes in the gardens all day teaching him to fly and

yes. yes. this is my new fave headcanon. [more here]

anonymous asked:

Can you explain the Military Service thing? How long does one have to spend there? When my exchange friend told me so I was kind of shocked since the portrait of Military camps for young adults given by the media is always pretty brutal... how are things there?


(before i get started, i’d like to point out that
yes, finns are aware that there are perks but also problems with compulsory military service for men and
no, not all finns think it is justified and
yes, there is often discussion going on about the conscription and 
no, i am not going to express my opinions on this case, i am simply explaining the current system!)

alright. so majority of finnish male citizens have to complete national service. they can choose between civilian service and military service (un-armed or armed). female citizens can complete the military service if they want to. 
so if you are a finnish male citizen, you are liable to report at the drafting event after you turn 18 years old. you will get freed from the service, if

  • your mental/physical health prevents you completing the training safely
  • you belong to Jehova’s Witnesses (Jehova’s Witnesses are granted a deferment until they turn 28 years - after that, they have to present a certificate they’re still part of the religious community) 
  • you are from Åland Islands (demilitarized autonomous region in Finland)
  • you have certain criminal records.
  • (getting freed from the service is often called “C:n paperit”, “the C papers”.)

If you don’t match any of the criteria above yet refuse to complete the service, you’ll receive a penalty in jail. 

Like I told before, male citizens can choose between civil service and military service. I am going to talk about the military service here, but in case you’re interested in the civilian one, check out siviilipalvelus on wikipedia for the basic information. 

The military service can last 165, 255 or 347 days. You won’t know how long you’ll have to stay beforehand because the length of your service depends on your duties, so all servicemen are told to prepare to stay for 347 days. The majority, though, stay 165 days. Training for special positions, such as tankers, medics and military police take 255-347 days, officer training takes always 347 days. 

When it comes to the camps, I guess it depends. Some say it’s fun and not too bad as you can go home for the weekends/other holidays. Some say it’s terrible. But it is definitely not as intensive for everybody as in volunteer/private military. I mean, the military duties range from officer positions to playing drums in the marching band.

The colloquial expression for the military service is intti. you might see servicemen posting photos with the hashtag tj+a number, such as tj52 - that stands for tänään jäljellä, today (that many days) to go.


ANDYE J IS ON GUAM! so come out and take class!

she has ONE open class so take advantage bro! its on friday(tomorrow) at the SKIP Entertainment Company Studio from 6-7:30.

gon be sick! yee! COME OUT BRO!


I forgot how sexy this song was, especially with these dancers.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Percy and Annabeth are workout buddies?

yES they would push each other so hard and constantly compete and egg each other on, and they’d get all sweaty and gross and sometimes they’d be silly and throw their sweaty towels at each other but other times one of them would peel off their shirt and look knowingly over their shoulder at the other, who would just be staring, and they’d beckon them into the shower and

yes, i definitely think they are workout buddies