ANDYE J IS ON GUAM! so come out and take class!

she has ONE open class so take advantage bro! its on friday(tomorrow) at the SKIP Entertainment Company Studio from 6-7:30.

gon be sick! yee! COME OUT BRO!


I forgot how sexy this song was, especially with these dancers.

HO GS-4 Steam Locomotives Return To M.T.H. HO Lineup

April 23, 2013 - M.T.H. Electric Trains will be re-releasing its Southern Pacific Gs-4 and Gs-6 die-cast HO steam engine next month in Spring in eight paint schemes in a t total of 16 different configurations. Each model comes equipped with the most advanced sound and operating system ever installed in HO scale. Command operators can choose DCC or DCS operation and unlock the richest set of features in model railroading.

Operated in Conventional DC, DCC or DCS modes, M.T.H. HO engines feature incredibly smooth operation and the most amazing synchronized chuffing and smoking found in HO locomotives today. Each locomotive features a prototypically correct four chuffs and puffs, in time to the drivers’ revolution. Controlled by sophisticated electronics, there are no mechanical parts that control the chuffing and puffing ensuring a smooth and quiet running chassis.

What better people to wake up too. #AndyE #BigJosh lands from a plane in ChCh climbs in my window. Off to grab some breakfast. I miss him. First time seing him this year. #OneLove